World-renowned National Geographic veterinarian and Kids educator, Dr. Gabby Wild, and The Gabby Wild Foundation are excited to announce the first-ever animal adventure mystery series, a STEM/STEAM principle-based educational program that will take place monthly throughout Fall ‘23 at Manhattan’s Explorers Club.

“If I am unable to physically explore Earth’s animals with my little explorers, it remains imperative we provide children, especially in urban environments, access to the wild world through STEM/STEAM initiatives like these fun, interactive classes,” said Dr. Gabby Wild

The Animal Mystery Adventures with Dr. Gabby Wild series offers participating children the unique opportunity to metaphorically journey across the globe with Dr. Wild to learn all about animals and nature by solving interactive mysteries during each two-hour adventure program. Currently, the program is being offered on three Sundays in the Fall: September 10, October 22, and November 19, and runs from 10 AM – 12 PM. Although the program is best suited for children ages 7-12, there are activities designed to stimulate and educate children as young as four years old. Each adventure is $109 per child, which includes the cost of the participating chaperone (one chaperone per child). The Gabby Wild Foundation continues to seek sponsors and donors that would allow them the opportunity to add more events to the schedule. 100% of proceeds from the series will benefit The Gabby Wild Foundation.

Children start by watching a thrilling animal adventure mystery video, produced by Dr. Wild, followed by an interactive lecture about the topic. Kids then break out into hands-on STEM/STEAM activity stations where they solve clues as they learn. Together, Dr. Wild and the kids wrap up the fun by solving the mystery and watching the finale video. Breakfast is served during pre-program check-in, where parents and guardians will be offered a welcome mimosa, then remain at the Club to witness their child’s exploration adventure.

Each class takes place in the illustrious Explorers Club on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, which lays claim to fame for such notable leaders, scientists, and explorer members as Teddy Roosevelt, Neil Armstrong, Jane Goodall, Edmund Hillary, John Glenn, Sally Ride, and Bob Ballard, to name a few. Dr. Wild, whose accomplishments have also earned her an Explorers Club membership, provide both participating children and their parents’ proprietary entry during this educational journey. The Explorers Club is located at 46 E 70th St.

For more information or to purchase tickets to one of the adventure series programs, please visit

The Gabby Wild Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded by Dr. Gabby Wild with a mission to safeguard the world’s most threatened wildlife through veterinary mission trips, in-field conservation projects, and educational classes & campaigns. Though the foundation is US-based and headquartered in New York, it maintains outposts in Indonesia focused on the conservation of Sumatran rhinos, Sumatran tigers, Asian elephants, Javan rhinos and the ancient rainforests they reside in, and provides on-call international veterinary care for all endangered animals. The Gabby Wild Foundation orchestrates educational classes for children, lectures and documentaries for adults, and hosts sustainable fashion shows for a broad audience, all in an effort to spread awareness for the plight of the planet and her endangered animals. To learn more about the Gabby Wild Foundation, or to make a donation, visit

From pioneering elephant acupuncture to treating Jane Goodall’s chimpanzees in Uganda, Dr. Gabby Wild has traveled the world to save and care for animals. She completed her Bachelor of Science (B.S.) at Cornell University with a dual degree in Biology and Animal Science and continued onwards at Cornell University to acquire her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM). Dr. Wild completed her internship training at Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital in Akron, Ohio, and then received her Masters of Public Health (MPH) from the University of Minnesota. She balances her Western medicine practices with Traditional Chinese Medicine in an effort to blend both methodologies, and, today, stands as the first veterinary acupuncturist of elephants in the past 3,000 years. Having been inspired by animals as a child, Dr. Gabby Wild is now herself a National Geographic Kids educator and author. Acclaimed for her role as “the veterinarian” on National Geographic Kids Animal Jam, the world’s largest online “playground” with 154 million players, she creates videos about conservation medicine. When not in the wild, Gabby works as a veterinary surgeon and volunteers as a wildlife veterinarian with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Health Program at the Bronx Zoo.