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A news organization about City Life.

We’re nonpartisan dedicated and committed to serving the public and our community.

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47.26% Millennials

17.22% Gen Z

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11.63% Boomers II

8.04% Boomers I


51.02% Female

48.98% Male

Our History

The City Life Org started as a Facebook Group founded by Jean Ferreira on March 5, 2020, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

“When the pandemic hit us in April/May 2020 and New York City shut down, the City Life Org was the only thing I had to keep me busy. It was very hard to see the city that I love like a ghost town. At that moment I realized that I have a mission to serve the public with accurate news about City Life to bring joy to everyone who reads it and help them to keep moving forward during the pandemic, then I decided to launch the website to publish articles, essays, and press releases about the things I love the most: arts, culture, entertainment, education, technology, business, food & drinks, health, beauty, fashion, sports, travel, and environmental advocacy. A couple of months later I checked our Google Analytics and I saw that people from all over the world was coming to the City Life Org website every day to read our news, and a lot of people start to follow our social media pages, so all those things combined just motivates me to keep going strong with the organization. I never missed a day since I launched the website and now I dedicate myself full time to the City Life Org mission. We are a one-person organization at the moment, I made our digital platform all by myself, and I keep updated every day, we don’t have staff yet, I count on the help and support of our contributors who send me articles, essays, and press releases to be published. I’m very attached to details and excellence, so when you’re on the City Life Org website expect to see all commas, dots, paragraphs, images, etc… on the right places, and if you see that something is missed please let me know, I’m going to fix it the right way. I have many ideas and projects inside of our organization, all to be launched at the right time, for now, I just think about the City Life Org 24/7, to make it the best experience for our readers. I’m very thankful for your support, and I promised to do the best I can to fulfill the City Life Org mission”.

Jean Ferreira

Our Founder

Jean Ferreira was born in Brazil, grew up in Manhattan, and has some college in Economics, and Business Management, but always have a passion for Journalism and Technology. Jean’s also a former Professional Bodyboarder, 2004 East Coast Pro Champion, and has competed in many World Tour events in Hawaii, California, and Brazil. Visit Jean’s personal website for more info:

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve the public with accurate news about City Life. We are dedicated to the arts, culture, entertainment, education, technology, business, food & drinks, health, beauty, fashion, sports, travel, and environmental advocacy to help climate change in City Life. We plan to develop projects on each of those topics to make a significant contribution to the well-being of the public and our community through journalism-centered projects and services.

Our Values

Collaboration, Curiosity, Detail, Excellence, Independence, Integrity, Respect

Our Team

Managing Editor & Founder: Jean Ferreira

Mascot: King Louis Ferreira

Contributors (an ongoing list): 


Abigail Blakeman, Adriana Douzos, Alejandra Cicognani, Alex Teplitzki, Alimah Boyd, Alissa Blate, Amanda Fruta, Amy Losak, Andie Cooper, Andrea Kotuk, Andrew Sherman, Andy Reynolds, Arielle Aslanyan


Betty Depolito, Boshko Boskovic, Breanna Suden, Brianne Fortuna, Bruno Lemos


Caitlin Addlesperger, Carla Schalman, Carrie Paveglio, Cathy Wesson, Chris Clark, Chris Dobens, Christina Bundrick


Dan Fortune, Dan Kastanis, Dani Pines, Daniel Bennett, Daryllee Hale, Dave Menarchem, David Gibbs, Davide Chicaeme


EJ Saftner, Elisa Smilovitz, Ema Wang, Emily Owens, Erin Gaffney


Fatima Jones, Francesco Santelli, Fraynette Familia


Grace Robinson, Gustavo Fernandez


Hailei Benedict, Hannah Beck, Hannah Stember, Helene Davis, Hunter Carrico


Jamaal Fisher, Jane Sparango, Jason Winfield, Jay Julio, Jessica Chen, Jessica Meditz, Jiyoung Lee, Joao Carvalho, John Seroff, Julie Harans, Justin Bennett


Kamri Alexander, Karen Fitzgerald, Karin Venegas, Katie Yook, Kelsey McIntyre, Kimberly Giannelli, Kinsey Watson, Kyle Hulcher


Lana Khachiyan, Lauren Magy, Lauren Van Natten, Lily Rosenthal, Lisa Labrado, Lisa Walker, Liza Stoner, Lori Horowitz, Louise Barder, Louise Weinberg


Madi Boring, Magnum Lugo, Marina Wainwright, Martin Diaz, Mary Mueller, Matt Gross, Matthew Jaimes, Max DeFilippis, Maxime Richard, Meegan Aneser, Megan Wolborsky, Melissa Olster, Mercedes San, Meryl Cooper, Meryl Meisler, Meryl Wheeler, Michael Musto, Michael Powers, Michelle McGrath, Michelle S. Colman, Michelle Tabnick, Mitch Case


Nadine Heidinger, Noel Steier


Paige Johnson, Pascal Nadon, Patrick Preblick, Patti Ruiz-Healy, Patti Serrano


Rebecca Bratspies, Robert Roberts, Ryan Bender, Ryan Beshel, Ryan Kenna


Sahra Simpson, Samantha Arce, Sandra Tharas, Sara Fleischer, Sara Gurkin, Sarah Boateng, Sarah Thaler., Savona Bailey-McClain, Scalla Jakso, Sean Hoagland, Shannon Zignoli, Sharon Weisz, Shawn Choi, Shoshana Khan, Sophia Maitino, Stacy Bell, Steve Jackson, Sydney Edwards


Tara Ciccone, Tetyana Bielinska, Tyron M. Perez


Ulysses Williams


Valerie Gallardo, Valerie Silverman Kerr, Vanessa Ogle


Washington Teixeira


Zac Roy, Zach Groen