New York City Mayor Eric Adams today signed legislation that will further bolster New York City’s life sciences and biotech sectors by offering a tax incentive for growing biotech companies to create jobs in New York City. The new law builds on significant progress the Adams administration has made toContinue Reading

A reconstruction of two Jormungandr walhallaensis mosasaurs fighting © Henry Sharpe Jormungandr, a 24-foot aquatic lizard that lived 80 million years ago, is found to be a transitional species between two well-known mosasaurs Scientists have discovered a new species of mosasaur, large, carnivorous aquatic lizards that lived during the late Cretaceous. With “transitional”Continue Reading

Photos: From left: Protoceratops andrewsi, collected in 1994 by the joint American Museum of Natural History/Mongolian Academy of Sciences team at Ukhaa Tolgod, Gobi Desert, Mongolia. © AMNH/M. Ellison; Mark Norell © AMNH/D. Finnin; Fossil skull of Citipati osmolskae, collected in 1994 by the joint American Museum of Natural History/MongolianContinue Reading

Previews ‘Best of the World’ Travel Recommendations, Launching in Early 2024 and Reimagined in Scope and Direction Content Promises Wonder and Inspiration Through Incredible Photographs and a Special Curation of Travel Recommendations Across Categories At National Geographic’s content showcase at Hall des Lumières, Senior Vice President and Editor-in-Chief Nathan LumpContinue Reading