Launching October 26, New Episodes Will Air Weekly National Geographic’s podcast, Overheard at National Geographic, will return for its eighth season on Tuesday, October 26. Each weekly episode takes listeners behind the conversations overheard at Nat Geo headquarters, Zooms and Slack chats, as editors plan stories with Explorers and scientists, photographersContinue Reading

Archeologists uncovered 1,500-year-old mosaics believed to be above Peter and Andrew’s home. ( – Archeologists have uncovered for the first time mosaic floors from a lost, legendary basilica reportedly built over the house of Jesus’ apostles Peter and Andrew in biblical Bethsaida. According to archeological director Mordechai Aviam, “We identified a large apseContinue Reading

Wind turbine construction from ‘The Power of Solar & Wind – the Road to Carbon Neutrality’ /PRNewswire/ — With encouragement from the Biden Administration and the keen support of new US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm, a number of elite U.S. companies have turned to alternative energy sources to power theirContinue Reading

In Partnership with The Responsible Jewellery Council to Bring Together Watch and Jewellery Global Players Committing to a Common Core of Key Sustainability Goals • Driven by a common conviction that the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and aspirations for a sustainable industry can only be achieved through collaborative initiatives,Continue Reading

Reconstruction of the South American giant ground sloth Mylodon darwinii feeding on the carcass of the hoofed native herbivore Macrauchenia. These extinct mammals roamed the Pleistocene landscape of Patagonia and other parts of high and mid-latitude South America, like this reconstructed scene from about 12,000 years ago in front ofContinue Reading

Issue 1, “Dream to Reality,” imagines Callie’s trailblazing path as the first woman on the Moon. Callie and her robot sidekick, RT, overcome setbacks, disappointment, and tragedy along the way. Credits: NASA NASA released its first digital, interactive graphic novel on Saturday in celebration of National Comic Book Day. “FirstContinue Reading

New Transmission Lines Will Create Approximately 10,000 Family-Sustaining Jobs Statewide and Bring $8.2 Billion in Economic Development Investments, Including Developer-Committed Investments to Support Disadvantaged Communities Reduces the City’s Reliance on Fossil Fuels, Lowers Carbon Emissions and Significantly Improves Air Quality and Public Health Accelerates Progress to Exceed New York’s GoalContinue Reading