Collage by Justin Lowe and Jonah Freeman

Montauk Beach House is back with a new aesthetic, hosting another eccentric art exhibit, “New York Eye & Ear Control,” which will launch Friday, July 29 and run until Tuesday, August 9! 

Celebrating its 10 year anniversary this summer, the Montauk Beach House continues to innovate by offering interesting and exciting happenings for locals and visitors alike.

Curated by Boo-Hooray founder Johan Kugelberg, a group show of artists active in NYC will be showcased, bringing a city-take to the beach culture. 

“We figured that New York art should get some beach time alongside all the city people out east. This show is basically Boo-Hooray showcasing our friends, people we admire, bringing the vibe of Boo-Hooray out to Montauk for a spin!” – Johan Kugelberg

Kugelberg founded Boo-Hooray in 2010 to formalize the archival work he had started years earlier as a collector and enthusiast. He has created comprehensive collections in the fields of punk, hip hop, and counter-culture, focusing on printed works, ephemera, photography, and book arts.

Featured artists in “New York Eye & Ear Control” include:

Lizzi Bougatsos

Brian DeGraw

Danielle McGurran

Jeanette Hayes

Erik Foss

Sofia Leilani

Justin Lowe and Jonah Freeman

Jane Dickson

Doug Miller

Ed Wolfe

Matt Satz

Sophie Thunder-Murphy

Ben Morea

Aurel Schmidt

Fab Five Freddy

Charlie Ahearn

Ryan McGinley

Dalton Portella

Spencer Sweeney

Manon Macasaet

Jeffrey Dalessandro

William Strobeck

Ben Papaleo

In addition to:

Jack Smith

Amy Sillman

Charles Henri Ford

Andy Warhol

David Wojnarowicz

Lawrence Weiner

Larry Clark

Keith Haring

Martin Kippenberger

Dieter Roth

Asger Jorn

This event is officially sanctioned by Montauk Counter Culture.

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