Sculptor Chris Carnabuci’s “FLOYD” statue in the SEEINJUSTICE series

Sculptures of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Congressman John Lewis Unveiled in NYC.

/PRNewswire/ — Confront Art—which connects artists to social justice causes to create public art displays—is announcing today its inaugural exhibition SEEINJUSTICE, which will be open to the public beginning October 1 in Union Square. The SEEINJUSTICE series will feature three sculptures by Chris Carnabuci: “FLOYD,” “BREONNA,” and “JOHN LEWIS.” 

Confront Art is working closely with the families of George Floyd and their charity “We Are Floyd,” the “Breonna Taylor Foundation,” and Congressman John Lewis’ Foundation, “The John and Lillian Miles Lewis Foundation” as partners of the SEEINJUSTICE series. 

The SEEINJUSTICE series is inspired by the events of 2020 and has empowered many to take a stand in demanding justice, as Congressman John Lewis once did. The series aims to honor the lives and ongoing messages through art, tying together three iconic people.

The SEEINJUSTINCE series is on display at Union Square, a venue that has historically protected the right to free speech and demonstration. Union Square New York City has long brought together people of all ages, races, nationalities, religions, and orientations in the name of community and discourse. 

“We are inspired by the important work that Confront Art is doing to support the cause of “We are Floyd,” said Terrence Floyd, George Floyd’s brother. “We are looking forward to an extensive partnership with Confront Art as we bring art and creative resources to communities around the country.”  

“We founded Confront Art to create art that is inclusive, progressive, and sparks something deep within to discover one’s creativity and causes,” said Lindsay Eshelman, Confront Art Co-founder. “Our mission is to foster art that is an immersive experience and allow our visual representations to push forward a movement of change and unity.” 

“Confront Art stands for so much more than statues. We promote collaboration, and from collaboration comes change”, said Andrew Cohen, Confront Art Co-founder. “Working with the families that have suffered so much has been humbling and inspiring. We plan to continue to spread the message of peace and understanding through art.”

“As a result of the death of George Floyd, there came a global awareness and understanding of the plague of injustice across the world,” said Chris Carnabuci, the Artist behind the SEEINJUSTICE series. “The exhibit represents this global understanding, and from understanding comes action, and from action comes change.” 

“We are honored to work alongside Confront Art in bringing Chris Carnabuci’s SEEINJUSTICE installation to Union Square,” said Jennifer Falk, Executive Director of Union Square Partnership. “As a long-standing venue for public demonstrations in pursuit of social change, we are proud of Union Square’s history as a space for New Yorkers and people from all over to congregate in the name of free speech, a legacy that we will always protect and uphold.”

“We are proud to display Confront Art’s inaugural exhibition through our Art in the Parks program,” said NYC Parks Acting Commissioner Margaret Nelson. “Chris Carnabuci’s statues of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and John Lewis highlight the need for social change and build upon Union Square’s long history as a democratic space where individuals gather to call for equality and justice.”

The final sculptures stand at 10-feet tall, composed of layers of precision-cut wood to craft a detailed and realistic monument of each subject. The exhibition will be on display from October 1 – October 30 in Union Square in New York City. For more information on Confront Art, visit

About Confront Art
Confront art was founded by Andrew Cohen and Lindsay Eshelman in 2020, with the mission to promote diversity and education in the arts by joining visual artists with social justice causes. Our goal is to create global public displays of art that will inspire generations to come and create positive and meaningful conversations. For more information on Confront Art, visit  

About Sculptor Chris Carnabuci
Chris Carnabuci is a New York-based artist & sculptor. In 2016, Carnabuci began incorporating his skill as a CAD designer to create stacked plate sculptures using a CNC Technique, crafting a 3D model into layers, precisely cut and stacked to create an artistic rendition of the original model. Chris is the Artist behind the SEEINJUSTICE Series and is one of the creative partners of Confront Art. 

About Union Square Partnership
For over 45 years, Union Square Partnership has been working to ensure the best possible neighborhood for its residents, businesses, and visitors. As the leading advocate for the Union Square-14th Street community, we work to enhance the neighborhood’s quality of life by creating a cleaner, safer, and more enjoyable environment. With our vibrant community continuing to evolve and grow, the Union Square Partnership’s role is now more important than ever. We are dedicated to this neighborhood and work 24/7 to ensure that Union Square remains a phenomenal place to live, work, and visit. #USQArt is an incredible opportunity to bring engaging artwork to one of NYC’s great public spaces. Exhibitions are presented by the Union Square Partnership with NYC Parks’ Art in the Parks program and NYC Department of Transportation’s Art Program in collaboration with selected galleries and artists.

About NYC Parks’ Art in the Parks Program
For over 50 years, NYC Parks’ Art in the Parks program has brought contemporary public artworks to the city’s parks, making New York City one of the world’s largest open-air galleries. The agency has consistently fostered the creation and installation of temporary public art in parks throughout the five boroughs. Since 1967, NYC Parks has collaborated with arts organizations and artists to produce over 2,000 public artworks by 1,300 notable and emerging artists in over 200 parks. For more information about the program, visit

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