I recently wrote about some reasonable restaurants that have outdoor seating, and people ate it up. After all, you not only get solid eats at these establishments, you are also afforded a chance to enjoy the al fresco experience while taking in NYC’s most enjoyable pastime–people watching. Here are six more places to do just that:


(100 Kenmare Street; zoobaeats.com)

This local outpost of a Cairo-based chain serves zesty Egyptian specialties. Go to the counter and order treats like spicy hawawshi ($8.50), dukka fries, and beetroot-hibiscus tahini sauce. Then take it all outside and enjoy it to the max.


(73-7th Avenue South; tacomahalnyc.com)

This Indian take on tacos is delish, using naan or roti in lieu of tortillas and filling it with chicken curry and other Indian treats. I love the cultural cross pollination–and you can’t beat the people watching in the West Village.


(300 W. 114th Street; 212-864-7777)

Chicken and waffles, pecan crusted tilapia, and many more entrees, plus all the sides, are on the menu at this friendly Southern-style eatery. Sit outside!


(502-Sixth Avenue; barsixnyc.com)

Moroccan influences delightfully infuse this neighborhood hallmark. I favor the omelets and the merguez sausage, but I’ve never heard a complaint about anything else on the menu either. I also adore the outdoor seating.


(left to right) Frankie C, Mickey Boardman, Lynn Yaeger, Michael Musto, Sister Placid, Sister Gloria, Sister Rosaria.

(285-Mott Street; cafetalsocialclubmenu.com)

Whether you sit indoors or out, this long running Little Italy joint has yummy food, whether it be pasta, soups, paninis, or pizzas. My personal fave is the Joey Botts panini (prosciutto di parma, mozzarella, arugula), though I don’t necessarily want to find out who Joey Botts is, lol.


(1980 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd; 646-850-8101)

Whoops, I have to admit that this fab Caribbean place doesn’t actually have outdoor seating. They only have indoor counter seating! But here’s what you do: Order takeout and bring it to a bench outside Central Park. It’s not that far away—and besides, the jerk chicken, fried chicken, seafood, stew, collard greens, and rice and peas are to die for.

By Michael Musto.

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