Boogie and Bodyboard riders assemble from all over the world to show their appreciation for Tom Morey’s invention 50 years ago

Riders from all over the world will be heading to St. Michael’s by the Sea, Carlsbad, California for The 50th Anniversary “The Golden Jubilee” and Boogie Expo on July 10th, 2021. The Global Boogie Board Group (GBBG), a collective of volunteer wave riders of boogie and bodyboards announces the 50 year celebration of the popular world wide invention by Tom Morey.

Many of the enthusiasts attending are grateful that Morey created many enjoyable moments the board has brought to their lives. And, for many there have been careers come from the sport. Celebrating 50 years is a special moment in time that will highlight the growth and popularity of the sport. The birth of the sport evolved when Morey took his first ride on a prototype on the Big Island, Hawaii in 1971. The beach there is erecting a historical sign commemorating the sport of the ‘“Birth of the Boogie”. In the early 70’s Morey moved his family to Carlsbad, California where he set up a small factory on Oak St. Then, moving to Roosevelt St. As the popularity grew the factory moved to Oceanside, California.

The historical nature and proximity of Carlsbad, California was voted by the GBBG to be the perfect location for the celebration. The days agenda includes autograph sessions, historical displays, panel discussions, vendors, an auction and a paddle out in to the ocean, where a circle is created by riders as an honorarium to Morey. And, a message from Tom Morey at 86 years old will be present. The California Surf Museum in Oceanside has set up a special display honoring Tom Morey called Let’s Boogie!. Participants are encouraged to visit the museum and take a walk down history lane.

As the weekend continues, an “After Party” will be held at Legacy Tap Room in Oceanside on Saturday night. Sunday morning brings “A Gathering of the Tribes”, a wave riding session at T-Street in San Clemente. Many participants are encouraged to take the tour of eBodyboarding (an online supplier of wave riding equipment) in the afternoon on Sunday in San Clemente.

~ State of Hawaii has declared July 9 the “Day of the Boogie”.

~ Imperial Beach, CA. has passed a proclamation that July 9th is the “Day of the Boogie”.

Golden Jubilee July 10th Schedule and what to bring
St. Michaels by the Sea 2775 Carlsbad Blvd. Carlsbad, CA 92008

10:00am People arriving, getting situated (Bring Beach chairs/towels if you want to sit in grass area for Meet and Greets. You may also bring ice chests with soft drinks, juices… SORRY, no alcohol here, but read on).

10:15am Hawaiian Blessing by Kalani Akui and Bahai Blessing.

10:30am Opening Prayer by Father Doran.

10:40am Manny Vargas to explain:

~ the agenda for the day.
~ location of restrooms, display hall, food for the day.
~ thank and introduce who and where the sponsors are.
~ introduce GBBG members, then they will present Tom and Marchia their leis.
~ Tom makes a opening statement (Bring a Uke he might break in song and you can accompany him).

11:00 – 2:00

~ Food served during this time from Opies BBQ. Meals can be pre-paid for $18.00 and $20.00 the day of.
~ While eating Meet & Greets will take place on stage by Manny Vargas, JP Patterson and Action Jackson.


~ Tom Morey, Marchia and family.
~ Panel with Tom Morey and Company of Carlsbad 1970’s. Louise Gallan, Joey Gibbs, Bobby Szabad, Debbie Colwell and Patti Serrano, John Cash and more.
~ Panel Discussion with First Gen riders – Scott Evans, Roger Waller, Tony Prince, Joe Evans … and more.
~ Panel with 80’s riders – Keith Sasaki, Jay Reale, Vicki Reale, David Cunniff and more.
~ more discussions and Q & A’s.

Also, during this time slot:

~ Autograph table for people to get autographs from people attending. (Bring anything you want auto- graphed).
~ Visit historical hall of memoribillia (Bring anything you have to display – Contest shirts, trophies, posters, t-shirts. Be sure to mark them).
~ Watch LIVE stream of riders coming in to say hi from all over the world.

2:00 – 3:00

AUCTION – the winners of all the items that have been up for bid from July 5th will be declared.
– You may place a last minute bid (Bring Cash and anything you want to donate to auction).

3:00 – Closing statement and thank you by Sol Morey – and instructions how the paddle out is going to work.

3:15 – Paddle out – A circle water ceremony in honorarium for Tom. (Bring your board to participate).

4:00 – 5:00 – Return to help clean up the expo grounds. Leave boards and belongings in car while we clean up.

5:00 ~AFTER PARTY ~ Legacy Tap Room 363 Airport Road, Oceanside, 92058 (back private patio area, kids and pets, ok. Be sure to pre-order Pizza to be delivered on website).

It is going to be a great day … Another schedule will be made for Sunday July 11th.

Bring a GOLD Helium Balloon blown up from Dollar Tree or Party City and receive a special memorabilia gift.

Contact Information:

Global Boogie Board Group (GBBG)

Patti Serrano




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