Jean Ferreira, Emanuel Friedman, Patricia O’Neil, and Gustavo Fernandez. Photo by JF

Last night I was invited to go to the opening of The Love Child’s God is Love exhibit at Lux Contemporary at the Rolls Royce Cars Manhattan, I was very intrigued to meet the artist and his pieces.

He’s a very talented gentleman and his art pieces are beautiful.

Here are some of his pieces on view at Lux Contemporary:

The Love Child’s God is Love. Photo by JF

From his initial inauguration on the streets of NYC in 2013, The Love Child has since been featured in gallery shows across the country and world and has found homes in France, Amsterdam, Australia, Japan, and China, to name a few.  His work has also been sold through the prestigious auction houses Phillips and Christies.  He has been featured in public installations, in magazines such as GQ, and in art fairs such as Basel.  The Love Child’s art is highly sought after by prestigious collectors and continues to make a sizable impact on the art scene worldwide.

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