• Opportunities for local retail, food, and investment partners available through Direct Deals, Local Business Retail Accelerator and Local Business Food Hall Partnership 
  • Virtual investment partner outreach session scheduled for Nov. 21, 6 p.m. 
  • In-Person Local Business (brands and operators) outreach session scheduled for Dec. 14, 9 a.m. 

JFK T8 Innovation Partners, the Unbail-Rodamco-Westfield (URW) Airports-led team, is proud to announce concessions opportunities in equity, retail, and dining for local, minority-owned businesses as part of its $125 million commercial program underway in Terminal 8 at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK). 

These local business opportunities through the Retail Accelerator and Food Hall accelerator partnership are geared toward small, local businesses that are just starting out in the airport. 

The reimagined terminal is creating an authentic New York sense of place and T8 Partners is dedicated to showcasing local entrepreneurs from Queens and surrounding communities that will create economic opportunities for the community. The project will bring more new shopping and restaurant offerings to the terminal.  

“We have met more than 1,500 prospects so far through our construction and concessions outreach sessions in a wide variety of opportunities,” said Ashley Hari, URW Director of Leasing. “We are excited to announce our next phase of opportunities for local, small businesses and entrepreneurs. These partnerships are key to having the Queens community reflected in our commercial program and we can’t wait to meet more of these local businesses at our scheduled outreach events.” 

Local Business (LBE) Retail Accelerator Opportunities 

The dedicated retail spaces for the (LBE) Retail Accelerator allow small local businesses with aspirations to grow their operations to be a part of the reimagined terminal. This program is specifically designed for Local Business Enterprises (LBE) including founders or businesses that originate from Southeast Queens, Greater Queens, the NYC Metro Area, or the NY Regional area.   

JFK T8 Partners is committed to lowering the barriers to entry to ensure its programs reflect the rich diversity of its communities. The Accelerator program offers flexible deal terms and small format, plug-and-play in-line store and kiosk opportunities that enable reduced upfront costs, smaller security deposits, and little to no design fees. URW also will offer support by providing education on airport operations, Airport Certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (ACDBE) certification, and facilitate networking opportunities to help new operators learn best practices and reach their ultimate success. 

More information on the Retail Accelerator, including the application process, will be available during an in-person concessions outreach event on Dec. 14, followed by a series of virtual sessions starting on Dec. 19.  

Local Business Food Hall Partnership Opportunities  

The vision for the food hall is to create a culinary destination that delivers global flavors and local concepts from Queens that offer easy entry points for local restaurateurs to participate.  

JFK T8 Partners is seeking local restaurateurs to partner with a prime Food Hall operator to provide local cuisine creating authentic New York food offerings. Through its commitment to lower the barriers of entry, T8 Partners will offer opportunities that reduce the capital investment requirements normally associated with doing business in an airport. Partnerships could range from brand, and licensing to operating a dining concession.  

More information on next steps for LBE Food Hall partnership opportunities will be covered during the in-person concessions event on Dec. 14.  

ACDBE Concessions JV Equity Partnership 

T8 Partners is also interested in identifying Airport Certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise-certified businesses that are looking to partner with a prime operator through an equity joint-venture (JV) opportunity for retail and dining opportunities.  

Interested businesses are invited to learn more during a Nov. 21 virtual session where the T8 Partners team will cover the structure and basic requirements of a JV partnership, if it is a fit for your business, and resources available through the URW Advance Network and airport support partners such as AMAC.   

Concessions and construction outreach events will continue to be held on an ongoing basis. More information on these sessions and other JFK updates can be found here.    

Upcoming information sessions  

Virtual Event: ACDBE Concessions JV Equity Partnership Opportunities  

  • Nov. 21, 2023 | 6-7 p.m. ET  
  • Register Here  
  • Who Should Attend: Airport Concessions Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (ACDBE) certified firms interested in learning more about equity joint venture (JV) opportunities with prime operators.  
  • Who Should Not Attend: Local business brands or operators looking to operate their business in the airport. Please join us 12/14/23 in-person to share more about your business and offering.  
  • What to Expect:
    • Learn the JV partnership basics including structures and basic requirements.  
    • Learn how JV partner opportunities may fit into your short- and long-term business goals and how to prepare.  
    • Learn about upcoming opportunities and how to get connected with prime operators.  
    • Learn about resources available including the URW Advance Network.  
    • Ask questions from our panel of experts including a certified ACDBE operator. 

In-Person Event: Preparing for Small Business Accelerator Retail Store/Kiosk and Food Hall Opportunities  

  • Dec. 14, 2023 | 9-11 a.m. ET  
  • Queensborough Hall, Helen Marshall Cultural Center 

120-55 Queens Blvd 

Kew Gardens, Queens, NY 

  • Register Here 
  • Who Should Attend: Local retail, and food and beverage businesses interested in learning about upcoming opportunities and how to prepare for our Retail Accelerator program and food hall.  
  • What to Expect:
    • Learn more about our in-line and kiosk Retail Accelerator spaces and food hall spaces, the basic requirements, and what makes a good fit.  
    • Learn how to pre-qualify for the Accelerator kiosks and Food Hall.  
    • Get the details on the upcoming in-line store Accelerator RFP. 
    • Connect with resources to help you prepare for airport concessions opportunities including business support and ACDBE certification.  
    • Ask questions, learn how these opportunities may fit into your business plans, how to prepare for upcoming milestones, plus Q&A discussion and networking.   

Virtual Event: Small Business Accelerator Retail In-Line Store RFP Q&A 

  • Dec. 19, 2023 | 6-7 p.m. ET  
  • Register Here 
  • Who Should Attend: Local retail businesses interested in in-line store accelerator spaces.  
  • What to Expect:
    • Our team and panel of experts will walk you through the RFP, including submission requirements and deadlines.  
    • Learn tips and pointers to be competitive, plus a Q&A discussion. 

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