JP Van Leare, Jean Ferreira, Claudia Saboia Lemos, Bruno Lemos, Ramon Carracedo, and Joao Paulo Gasparian at “Of The Sea” NYC Documentary Premiere at Hālāwai Film Festival at Village East Cinema. Photo by JF

Bruno Lemos debuted his documentary “Of The Sea” A Story of Another Ocean Lover in NYC at the Hālāwai Film Festival in the Village East Cinema today. “Of The Sea’ shows beautiful images of Bruno Lemos’s Life since 1991 on the North Shore of Oahu, with a mix of drama, comedy, and his impressive drive to succeed as a photographer and cinematographer in Hawai‘i.

If you love surfing, a lot of action and beautiful footage of Hawai‘i make sure to watch “Of The Sea”.

“Of the Sea” A Story of Another Ocean Lover, tells the story of yet another surf lover, who did everything to live in Hawai‘i and have a lifestyle close to the sea. Living in Hawai‘i since 1991, at some point Bruno had nowhere to live, but managed to change the situation with a lot of perseverance and incredible work.

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