From picket lines to film festivals, SAG-AFTRA members are strengthening the union’s bargaining position and demonstrating solidarity by supporting and promoting their approved Interim Agreement productions at fall festivals, including the Venice International Film Festival, Telluride Film Festival and Toronto International Film Festival.

SAG-AFTRA’s Interim Agreement is a strategic bargaining tool and an essential part of the union’s strategy to strengthen truly independent productions while weakening the resolve of the AMPTP. The Interim Agreement is a full 70-page contract that includes the terms and conditions in the union’s last offer to the studios and streamers during negotiations. This contract is available only to independent producers looking to employ our members on specific productions, and it helps the union achieve its goals by putting pressure on the AMPTP and the struck companies while demonstrating that our proposals are reasonable.

SAG-AFTRA National Executive Director & Chief Negotiator Duncan Crabtree-Ireland said, “This is what solidarity looks like. We are proud of our members who demonstrate the various ways to bolster the strike effort. Whether it’s walking a picket line, working on approved Interim Agreement productions, or maintaining employment on one of our other permissible, non-struck contracts, our members’ support for their union is empowering and inspiring. 

“The Interim Agreement is a vital part of our strategic approach and was created for several reasons, all of which are aimed at protecting the interests of our members. The Agreement demonstrates to the AMPTP and the struck companies that independent producers at all budget levels are eager, keen, and able to work with our members under these terms. We encourage SAG-AFTRA members to audition for and appear in projects that have been approved for an Interim Agreement, and applaud them for promoting their work in these productions.”

Supporting productions covered by a SAG-AFTRA Interim Agreement shows strong solidarity with the union,and we encourage those members working under those agreements to celebrate and fully promote their projects. SAG-AFTRA members should feel comfortable auditioning for projects approved under an Interim Agreement.

SAG-AFTRA’s TV/Theatrical negotiating committee members designed the Interim Agreement as a strategic tool to add leverage during our strike. These agreements are an important opportunity to improve the union’s bargaining position while providing some performers and crew the opportunity to pay their bills and put food on the table — all while still withholding our labor from the struck companies.

The Interim Agreement:

  • Includes all terms and conditions that are part of the union’s last offer to the studios and streamers during negotiations. This contract is available only to independent producers looking to employ our members on specific productions. 
  • Demonstrates to the industry, Wall Street and the public that the studios are shutting the industry down to resist terms that are clearly reasonable and viable.  
  • Proves that the union’s proposed wage increases and other contractual improvements are reasonable and realistic. 
  • Demonstrates that the union’s proposed residuals formulas are economically viable.
  • Encourages production to be directed to union-covered projects instead of going non-union.
  • Will increase competitive pressure on the AMPTP. 
  • Will make distribution of these projects through streaming platforms unfeasible until an industrywide agreement has been reached.

The Interim Agreement is not:

  • A waiver. It is the exact opposite of a waiver, in that it includes everything we want and nothing we don’t.
  • New. Interim agreements were in place and a successful negotiation tool during the 1960 and 1980 TV/Theatrical strikes against the studios and networks, and for the 2000 commercials strike. 
  • Going to prolong the strike.