Culturally, the arepa represents an important part of the identity and culinary tradition of Latin America, serving as a symbol of unity shared during moments of celebration, social gatherings, and cultural events. Arepas also reflect the diversity and richness of the regions where they are consumed, establishing a gastronomic bond throughout Latin America.

Arepa Coalition Project is a unique production that celebrates the cultural heritage of the beloved arepa. This innovative show invites the audience on a sensory journey where the preparation of arepas intertwines with dynamic choreography, immersive storytelling, and a captivating musical selection. This dance-theatrical piece, approximately 100 minutes long, combines dance with theatrical vignettes, songs, and evocative melodies, all while the process of making arepas takes place, complementing the experience.

Each artistic element seamlessly blends together to narrate stories about the preparation of arepas, encompassing experiences of life, work, migration, and love in Venezuelan and Colombian communities. Moreover, this show aims to highlight a shared cultural history between these two Latin Diasporas, each claiming to be the birthplace of this cherished food. Arepa Coalition is the result of a collaborative effort among talented dancers, actors, singers, and culinary artisans who have come together to create an innovative dance-theatrical experience. The stage is set in a patio that emulates a Colonial Spanish house, located at the main gallery of El Barrio’s Artspace in East Harlem on August 25th at 7pm.

Developed by visionary artistic director and choreographer Elliott Ortiz, in collaboration with choreographer Julieta Valero and playwright Lupe Gehrenbeck, the cast includes comedian/actress Laura Bolivar, actresses/singers Laura Petit and Nataly Bravo, dancers Leigh Atwell, Cynthia Cortés, Alessia Secli, Julieta Valero, and Jonathan Colafrancesco, who have joined forces to create this innovative performance. Elliott’s creations, alongside the Dance 10 Project Company, offer a mirror through which the audience can reflect upon their own interpretations and construct their own narratives.

Don’t miss this unforgettable journey to the heart of Latin American culture. Experience the Arepa Coalition Project at El Barrio’s Artspace on August 25th at 7pm. For more details and information, please visit, and for tickets, visit Eventbrite (Arepa Coalition Project). For contact: Elliott Ortiz at Or :   /  IG: