SK Group, the second-largest conglomerate in South Korea, continues its dedication to all disciplines of Korean artistry with the presentation of Discovery: 12 Contemporary Artists From Korea. Curated by the global art platform Artue, the exhibition of cutting-edge Korean art in all its iterations is part of both Lincoln Center’s Summer for the City Korean Arts Week and Celebrate Korea at Rockefeller Center. On view now through August 27 on The Rink Level of Rockefeller Center, the exhibit joins SK Group’s presentation of Seoul Metropolitan Dance Theatre’s One Dance at the David H. Koch Theater and other artistic efforts in fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities by promoting the cultural heritage of South Korea to the world.

Encompassing a broad spectrum of contemporary artistic practices, Discovery: 12 Contemporary Artists From Korea offers a glimpse into Korean art’s present state and future potential through the lenses of a dozen artists on the forefront of Korea’s thriving art scene. The exhibition expands the understanding of postwar Korean art as it rises to global prominence, having experienced an unprecedented degree of acclaim in just the past decade and making it one of the most exciting and vital international cultural scenes today. Free and open to the public, visitors from around the world are invited to experience the best in Korean culture, art, cuisine, fashion, and music in one of the city’s most iconic locations, with Celebrate Korea culminating in a week of special events and pop-ups in collaboration with surrounding retailers.

In addition to Discovery: 12 Contemporary Artists From KoreaSK Group presented the magnificent depth and breadth of Korean culture through some of the country’s most distinctive talents during this year’s Korean Arts WeekOne Dance at the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center showcased 39 of Korea’s most skilled dancers from Seoul Metropolitan Dance Theatre in a contemporary reinterpretation of ceremonial Korean traditional dance. Next door, SK Group simultaneously presented WAVE, a breathtaking video art installation organized by Artue and conceived by d’strict, a Seoul-based company at the forefront of digital design. All of SK Group’s artistic endeavors for Korean Arts Week bring to the forefront of the global artistic conversation centuries of rich Korean tradition and the exhilarating possibility of what is yet to come.

Featuring the works of young artists with their star on the rise, Discovery: 12 Contemporary Artists From Korea puts on full display a wide range of media, including pieces from the internationally renowned filmmaker and photographer Park Chan-wook, Forbes 30 Under 30 featured painter HaSeulLin Jeong, and acclaimed creator of Korea’s longest-running webcomic, Cho Seok.

Bridging the gap between fine art and pop culture, Discovery: 12 Contemporary Artists From Korea also features reproductions of iconic scenes from webtoon, a type of digital comic that originated in Korea and has profoundly influenced the global visual culture. Most often consumed through smartphones, webtoon is being heralded as the new Korean zeitgeist, growing in popularity worldwide and rapidly shaping a new vernacular of entertainment. 

The full roster of twelve artists exhibiting their work in Discovery: 12 Contemporary Artists From Korea is as follows: Sungsic MoonPark Chan-wookJina ParkHeejoon LeeEunu LeeHaSeulLin JeongHyundoo JungHyun Seung EuiChansong KimNa YoonheeHyeon A Cho, and Cho Seok

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