RoC Skincare launches new limited-edition skincare set curated by Sarah Jessica Parker, ambassador for The Look Forward Project. All profits from the set are being donated to support programs grounded in mental health advocacy and resource-sharing for the next generation of optimists and their parents.

Ambassador Sarah Jessica Parker helms the effort, encouraging young people to leverage the power of optimism and its scientifically-proven positive impact on long-term health and wellbeing

RoC® Skincare, the leading clinically-proven skincare brand, today announces the expansion of The RoC Look Forward Project in partnership with its ambassador, global icon and RoC user, Sarah Jessica Parker. Built to help women feel less anxious about aging and more hopeful about the future, the initiative first launched in 2022 to celebrate the power of optimism and its scientifically-backed positive impact on long-term health and wellbeing. The Look Forward Project now sets its sights on supporting the next generation via a multifaceted optimism education initiative geared towards adolescents.

“Everything we do at RoC is grounded in the idea that everyone should be able to look forward to the years ahead. We want to help people feel optimistic and support them as they take care of their skin and themselves in pursuit of a fuller, happier and healthier future,” says Fernando Acosta, Chief Executive Officer, RoC Skincare. “Following the initial launch of The Look Forward Project, we reflected on what we learned and how we can best continue our mission. One of the things we uncovered was people wished they had begun to incorporate a more positive mindset at a younger age, prompting us to dig deeper into the idea of supporting people from early on in their journey.”

With “clinical proof” as a key brand pillar, RoC shares new data1 demonstrating the need to provide young people with resources, support and advocacy to practice and benefit from the power of a positive mindset about the future:

  • More than half of women (59%) feel they were not optimistic when growing up and wish they had incorporated optimism into their lives at a younger age1
  • 69% of moms are concerned their negativity about the future could impact their child’s outlook2
  • 97% of moms believe there should be more resources and support to ensure our children learn how to incorporate optimism into their lives2
  • 79% have tried to instill positive thinking in their children but felt unsupported or didn’t know where to start2
  • 96% of moms wish there was support in our education system to teach kids how to incorporate positive thinking from a young age2

Answering the call, the brand is taking the following actions:

  • Releasing a new optimism curriculum for young people, crafted in partnership with several highly regarded subject matter experts. More than 5,000 students at middle schools across the country will benefit from corresponding resource kits, including activities, leader guides for dedicated lessons on the power of positive thinking, actionable tips and parent information to extend the conversation about mental health at home and beyond. Contributors to The Look Forward Project adolescent education program include:
    • Dr. Deepika Chopra, also known as the “Optimism Doctor®” and founder of the Things Are Looking Up® Brand, who completed her formal dissertation on the topic of optimism and its connection to wellbeing
    • Dr. Josie Howard, psychiatrist and psychodermatology specialist with expertise on the interplay of skin health and emotional wellbeing
    • Therapist Shani Tran, LPCC, who founded The Shani Project to bring a safe space to those in need, also shares mental health and wellbeing advice on TikTok
  • Collaborating with charitable partner, SeekHer Foundation, to launch the RoC x SeekHer Look Forward Community Program and encourage a life-long integration of optimism and mental health practices among participants and their children, as well as the #LookForward Youth Advocacy Council to support adolescents in forming peer-to-peer circles through a leadership program culminating with a dedicated certification in advocacy training
  • Encouraging people to be advocates for themselves and others on social media with uplifting, inspirational messages via the #BeARoC TikTok campaign, featuring a boost of optimism from Parker herself

In support of the expanded programming, Parker has curated a new, limited-edition set of clinically-proven skincare products on, with 100% of profits from the set donated to the SeekHer Foundation and Look Forward Community Program.

“I try my very best to be an optimist and to confront each day and experience with that mindset,” says Parker. “As a mom, setting the next generation up for success is especially important to me. I’m proud to be a part of an initiative that provides the opportunity for young people to feel empowered as they head towards their futures.”

For more information on The Look Forward Project and the power of optimism, visit and follow RoC on Instagram and TikTok to view inspirational #BeARoC content.

RoC has been revolutionizing skincare since 1957 when Dr. Jean-Charles Lissarrague, a French pharmacist at the Rogé Cavaillès pharmacy, created the first hypoallergenic skincare formulations. This was the first of many collaborations with dermatologists to provide them with safe and effective products for their patients. For more than 60 years, that has been the foundational philosophy at RoC, inspiring a history of firsts: The first broad spectrum UV protection to proactively preserve the health of skin and the first to discover a method for stabilizing Retinol. By combining Retinol with antioxidants and using innovative packaging, RoC made it possible to deliver Retinol’s skin-smoothing benefits safely and effectively for daily use. Today, Retinol is still one of the greatest discoveries in the history of skincare. RoC is proud of its continued brand commitments to not retouch imagery, in an effort to portray realistic depictions of skin at various stages of life, and to require influencer partners to agree that in RoC content, they will not use skin altering filters or other editing techniques that promote unrealistic beauty standards.

1RoC Brand Purpose Quantitative Study (US, 300 respondents, July 2023)
2RoC Brand Purpose Quantitative Study (US, 138 respondents, July 2023)

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SOURCE RoC Skincare; PRNewswire