Michael Musto and Jean Ferreira met a new friend on the way out at Philippe by Phillippe Chow UES. Photo by JF.

It was a delightful evening at Philippe by Philippe Chow UES (33 E. 60th Street), the place is beautiful, with lights, decor, great staff, and disco music playing, everything was on point for us.

We started the evening with a delicious soup, Michael had the Hot And Sour Soup(bean curd, egg, black mushrooms, bamboo shoots, chili, vinegar), and I had the Pork Wonton Soup(chicken or pork), it was delicious and def. open our appetite for our entrees.

Hot And Sour Soup, and Pork Wonton Soup. Photo by JF.

For our entrees, Michael had the Sweet And Sour Chicken(chicken breast tenders; red and green bell pepper, pineapple, sweet and sour sauce), and I had the Crispy Duck(house-made pancakes, plum sauce GF substitute lettuce cups), I would like to mention the richness of the sauce, and the crispness of the duck was absolutely delicious.

Sweet And Sour Chicken, and Crispy Duck. Photo by JF.

But the highlight of the evening was the Cotton Candy Baked Alaska desert, it was like a theater performance by the master server, he set aflame the Cotton Candy to reveal a delicious vanilla Ice cream, chocolate cake inside with pieces of strawberries, mmmm, it makes my mouth watering here again as I’m writing this piece.

Overall, Michael and I had a great evening at Philippe by Philippe Chow on the Upper East Side.