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Today, NYC Parks unveiled fresh new photos of carousels – a beloved, long-standing amenity in City parks – on the Parks website. A treasured nostalgic memory for many, Parks has a long history with carousels – some are over a hundred years old! At the start of the 20th century, Brooklyn was home to the largest concentration of carousel workshops in the country, as several master carvers set up shop in the city.   

From historic and restored relics to modern marvels with striking waterfront views, the carousels in City parks are guaranteed to delight New Yorkers and provide fun for the whole family. Some highlights include: 


Bug Carousel – Bronx Zoo 

Location: Alongside the real animals in the Bronx Zoo 
Style: You won’t find horses at this one-of-a-kind carousel. Ride on a grasshopper, ladybug, or firefly instead! Painted murals show caterpillars transforming into butterflies, and the music even makes use of insect sounds. 
Know before you go: This carousel is wheelchair accessible and open year-round (glass encases it in the winter). 


B&B Carousel – Luna Park, Coney Island

Location: Among the rides at Coney Island’s Luna Park 
Style: Built in Coney Island in 1906, this colorful and classic carousel, situated on the world-famous Coney Island Boardwalk, transports riders back to the golden age of the American carousel, in the heart of New York’s favorite playground. 
Know before you go: The attractions at Luna Park are open 7 days a week from March to November. 


SeaGlass Carousel – Battery Park

Location: Along the water at Battery Park 
Style: This unique carousel transports riders under the waves. Instead of a central pole or horses, turntables spin iridescent fish, which are lit from within to recall bioluminescence, while lighting in the space creates a shimmering water effect alluding to its location by New York Harbor where the city’s first aquarium was located. 
Know before you go: Housed in a pavilion, this carousel is open daily and year-round, weather permitting. 


Forest Park Carousel – Forest Park

Location: Within the Forest Park Carousel Amusement Village Style: Built in 1903, this NYC Designated Landmark is one of only two surviving carousels hand-crafted by internationally acclaimed master craftsman Daniel Carl Muller, featuring traditional horses, menagerie animals, and chariots. Know before you go: The Forest Park Carousel Amusement Village is open with varying hours, Thursday through Sunday in April through October. 


The Conservation Carousel – Staten Island Zoo 

Location: The Staten Island Zoo in Barrett Park  Style: Teaching children about conservation, this carousel features 25 animals from around the world, many of them endangered or vulnerable in the wild, including an African elephant, koala, giant panda, and more.  Know before you go: Monkeys on a bench provide a wheelchair accessible option. This carousel is open daily in the summer and on Wednesdays, weekends, and holidays (weather permitting) throughout the year. 

For a full list of carousels in City parks, please visit the new Carousels in NYC Parks webpage. 

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