New York, New York: A Great New Musical – Photo by JF

Let’s talk about a great show on Broadway, when I first heard about New York, New York: A New Musical I got super excited because is a show about the city that I love, about the experiences that I’ve lived, in New York, on Broadway, it doesn’t get better than this.

I’m a big fan of everything Lin Manuel Miranda does and is part of it, so let’s start like this. We got Orchestra Front Center tickets, a huge thanks to the team who make this possible, you know who you are.

Without giving too much away because I want you all to see the show, and performances of Colton Ryan, Anna Uzele, John Clay III, Angel Sigala, Janet Dacal, Clyde Alves, Ben Davis, Oliver Prose, Emily Skinner, and the cast, I want to warn you, to be ready to laugh, to cry, to feel emotional, to think about your own experiences in New York, and to have goosebumps, especially when the orchestra comes up to the stage it was absolutely special for me because I was right there next to them, in so many occasions I wanted to give stand up ovations to the cast, but now I have to keep reminding myself that I’m in a position to lead, and not to follow, but in the end, I lose myself and put all out there, I stand up, jumped, applauded, sang, and danced to the beautiful cast, it was amazing.

Thanks for the great times, New York, New York: A New Musical.

Jean Ferreira – New York, New York: A Great New Musical – Photo by JF.

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