Revolutionary pizza oven brand Gozney celebrates once-a-year sunset phenomenon with outdoor pop-up on May 30th  

New Yorkers can get their hands on free pizza slices at one of the best spots in the city to witness the sunset – Union Square – from 7:00pm – 9:00pm 

Premium outdoor oven brand Gozney announces a one-of-a-kind pop-up in New York City on May 30th to celebrate the iconic, once a year phenomenon, Manhattanhenge, which sees the sunset perfectly line up with the New York sky line.  On the night, Gozney will be giving away 100s of free pizza slices at Union Square, which is known as one of the best spots to view Manhattanhenge. From 7pm onwards New Yorkers can enjoy a signature slice as they watch the sunset in style.  

With Manhattanhenge only happening once a year, this is a unique natural phenomenon and photographic opportunity not to be missed. For those a little camera shy, Gozney has curated some tips from NYC photographer James Maher to help New Yorkers capture the moment.  

“Manhattanhenge is this stunning annual event, where the sunset aligns perfectly with the city’s transit grid fusing the natural beauty of a sunset with the iconic architecture of our beloved city,” says NYC Photographer James Maher. To best capture the event, he recommends “making sure your phone is in portrait mode and stepping back to ensure the local architecture frames the sunset giving you a composition that truly reflects the unique event. Once you get your shot, put the phone down and enjoy the moment!” Gozney is popping up at Union Square, where the architecture best outlines the sunset, with an unobstructed western view.  Further,  James recommends that when using a camera phone, photographers should set the focus on the sky, not the buildings, to capture the array of hues of the sunset; while manual camera users are advised to use a wide lens to capture the breadth of the architecture surrounding the setting sun.  

Gozney’s product line includes the Dome, a professional grade pizza oven, versatile enough for home use and the portable Roccbox, perfect for the beach or camping. For both the experienced pizza chef and the novice, Gozney ovens offer the opportunity to get back to basics and cook with live-fire, creating memorable moments and meals. More than just pizza, Gozney ovens bring a rustic flavor to everything from proteins to seasonal vegetables and even desserts.  

“Gozney’s mission is to change the way the world cooks outdoors. This summer we want New Yorkers to try cooking different. Manhattanhenge is the perfect excuse to get outside, enjoy a little alfresco dining and witness something really special with loved ones.” comments Gozney founder and CEO, Tom Gozney, “Most people think of New York street food as hot dogs and pretzels; why not bring New Yorkers artisan pizzas during this once yearly astrological phenomenon?” 

Event Information 

Date: Tuesday, 30th May 2023 

Location: Union Square  

Timings: 7pm – 9pm, sunset is scheduled for 8.19pm  

What: To celebrate the astronomical phenomenon, Manhattanhenge, Gozney will be giving away hundreds of free pizza slices so New Yorkers can enjoy a slice as the sunsets.  

About Gozney 

Gozney makes live-fire cooking easy by pioneering revolutionary pizza ovens that change the way people cook outdoors. Harnessing knowledge from their origins in the commercial industry, Gozney’s multi-award-winning range of pizza ovens are beautiful, functional, durable tools that light a fire for anyone to be able to make, create, build, invent, provide, connect, discover, share and grow.