Stephen Hall


This art and craft market features bespoke fabric art, photos, music, up-cycled vintage clothing, hats, jewelry and affordable fine art by some of Westbeth’s most well-known artists

The Westbeth Artist Residents Council announced today they will be sponsoring the first annual Spring Art & Craft Market in the historic Westbeth Artists Housing Complex. The market will take place on Saturday, June 3rd, from 11-6pm. Visitors can enter through 155 Bank Street.  

A few of the participating artists: 

Debra Rappaport – Debra Rapoport is an artist who makes hats, jewelry and various other accessories from things she finds on the streets of New York like metal, paper and plastic products, and other materials that may be found in the trash. She has been creating these pieces ever since her early 20’s. She was part of the “Advanced Style” movement (film and 3 books) and has her work in major museums. Instagram: @debrarapoport

Stephen Hall – Born in Aberdeen Scotland, Stephen Hall moved to New York in 1978 and began exhibiting his work in the East Village in the 1980s. Since then, his work has been featured in exhibits throughout the US, Japan, Korea and Mexico. His work is part of numerous private collections and has been featured in countless films and magazines. Mr. Hall has illustrated numerous books for authors such as A.A. Milne, J.G. Ballard, and Russell Greenan, to name a few. His new work is based on post-it and bar napkin sketches done over the past 30 years.  

Instagram: @stephenhallny

Valérie Hallier – Miss Hallier’s work has been shown internationally. She recently was the recipient of a Contemporary Art Foundation and a NYSCA & Wave Farm grants. Using a wide swath of mediums, Hallier redefines the art of portraiture and self-portraiture in the forms of immersive installations, interactive public art and two-dimensional renderings. She currently works with flower petals. She will be featuring small scale works and “Chaos Bling” jewelry. 

Instagram: @multiplemedia_artist

Karin Batten – Karin Batten is a New York based visual artist whose work is inspired by the terrains and cultures she has lived in. Always fascinated by art, her attraction to the natural is born from her experience growing up in post war Germany. Both her abstract and representational works seemingly elevate Earth’s habitats through color, texture and design.

About Westbeth

Founded in 1970, Westbeth Artists Housing is a nonprofit housing and commercial complex dedicated to providing affordable living and working space for artists and arts organizations in New York City. The Richard Meier-designed complex located on West and Bethune Streets in the heart of the West Village has provided 383 units of affordable housing and studio space since it opened 51 years ago. Over the course of its history, Westbeth has been home to several influential artists, musicians and performers, and played an important role in supporting and sustaining the creative community in New York and beyond.