Kente Royal Gallery will host the solo exhibit of mixed media artist Demarcus McGaugheys new series of artwork titled, Hueman: People of Color,” from April 8-29, 2023. “Hueman” comprises 20 pieces of artwork, primarily 40×60 large-scale portraiture, paying homage to members of his tribe of contemporary creatives. The Opening Reception will take place Saturday, April 8, 2023, from 5:00pm to 8:00pm.

The series was birthed during McGaughey’s 2022 Artist Residency at Chateau Orqueveaux in France, where he reconsidered his usual process of underpainting before applying skin color to his subjects. He instead pursued a barebones aesthetic, limiting his paint palette to shades of white and gray with muted shades of blacks. The result was glowing alabaster hues in lieu of black and brown skin tones. This new technique revealed to him that his artistic language doesn’t need to state the obvious but evoke the spiritual and powerful nature of people. 

As part of his creative process McGaughey, a full-time artist and certified life coach delved into conversations with his subjects, who are creatives as well.  The artists discussed their inspirations, fears, dreams, and notions of acceptance. These intimate conversations were the catalyst for the new works of arts. “Hueman: People of Color” is a celebration of accountability and the understanding that artistry reveals certain truths about the society in which we live. In defining his work McGaughey states “This series challenges concepts of beauty, leaving the viewer with the option to color inside and outside the lines of their own humanity when seeing people who have been othered.  I realized that culture is not only encapsulated in our hue but also in our struggle, resiliency, survivorship, and mental health.”

The absence of melanated hues commonly associated with being “Black” skin tones brings into focus the beauty of his subjects’ hopeful eyes, broad noses, and full lips. He vibrantly cloaks his subjects in inherited African fabrics to celebrate identity and question society’s notions of race.  “I have known Demarcus for several years now and he is solidifying his place within the world with his artistry. “Hueman” speaks to the mission of Kente Royal Gallery, which is building community by connecting the African Diaspora through art, storytelling and cultural traditions” shared Dodji Gbedemah co-founder of Kente Royal Gallery whichwill host an Artist Talk on Sunday, April 16, 2023, at 3:00pm.

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A Texas native and Brooklyn-based mixed media artist Demarcus McGaughey captures the beauty, strength and vibrancy of people of color with both insight and passion.  In the early days of his career, the artist employed his talents in the worlds of graphic design and advertising but it was through painting that McGaughey discovered an avenue through which to tell stories in his own visual language.

A lifelong student of human nature and psychology, McGaughey assumes the role of narrator in his paintings, telling heroic stories of his subjects’ self-actualization and determination.  A certified life coach as well as an artist, McGaughey empowers the viewer to believe that life is what you create it to be and his portraiture work reveals triumphant tales of African American subjects who manifest their destinies, their eyes revealing their souls.  The artist also pays homage to cultural influences using elements of pop art, mass media and advertising – and the through line found in all the work of this exciting young artist is, indeed, the illumination of inspiring stories of Black resilience and triumph.

McGaughey received his Bachelor of Arts from Prairie View A&M University and his work has been featured in numerous galleries and publications in the U.S. as well as in Spain.  In addition, he has completed art residencies with Mas el sigols in Barcelona, Nfinit Foundation Arts Residency in Brooklyn, ArtCrawl Harlem in New York City, Chateau Orquevaux in France and Ma’s House in Southampton NY.