BRAINSTORM RECORDS, YELLOW SOUND LABEL and 35th PARALLEL PRODUCTIONS have announced that the second single from CLICQUOT: A Revolutionary Musical – Studio Cast Recording, which features highlights from the sweeping and romantic new stage musical, is available starting today Monday, March 13“Life on the Edge, performed by Kevin Massey (Broadway’sWicked and Memphis) with Victoria Frings, is now available in streaming and digital formats. The full six-song EP will be released on Friday, April 14. The show features book, music, and lyrics by the rising team Lisette Glodowski and Richard C. Walter. The album is produced by Frank Galgano and Michael Croiter. The orchestrations and arrangements are by Frank Galgano and Matt Castle, who also provide vocal and dance arrangements. The 13-piece orchestra is conducted by Kenneth Gartman. The upcoming stage version will be presented by Laurie Glodowski and Patti Maurer for 35th Parallel Productions. For more information, please visit 

CLICQUOT: A Revolutionary Musical is an evocative love story set in the French Revolution, centered on the pioneering Barbe-Nicole Clicquot Ponsardin, whose inspiring journey changed the champagne industry forever. From the show’s standout single “The Man He Chose for Me” and the tender “Life on the Edge” to the rousing comedy number “Luxury” and the showstopper “One More Beginning,” the score elegantly combines traditional musical theater storytelling with an exciting contemporary flair.

‘Life on the Edge’ is a very special song to us,” said the show’s creators Lisette Glodowski and Richard C. Walter. “It’s the first time we really get a taste of this playful, romantic side of Francois Clicquot (Massey). He dreams without limits, and seeing that juxtaposed with Barbe-Nicole (Frings) – who is still unnerved by the dangers of the Revolution and societal expectations of her – is such a beautiful moment for both characters. It took several iterations to land on what it has become today, and it is now one of our favorite moments from the score.” 

“The song takes place in Act 1, the year 1798 in Reims, France,” they continue. “Francois and Barbe-Nicole are gazing out over the Clicquot vineyards before their arranged marriage. Francois confesses he has always dreamed of taking his father’s wine company international, while Barbe-Nicole confides that she has always dreamed of running a business, both incredible risks at the time. Francois suggests that they could run the wine business together once they are married, and while Barbe-Nicole initially balks at such a risky proposal, she can’t help but be swayed by Francois’s spirit. Performed flawlessly by Massey, hearing ‘Life on the Edge’ come to life on this album has been a dream come true. Kevin was the first person to sing this song back in 2020. He had us in tears then, and again, now. We are so excited to share this, and we hope listeners feel inspired to go after their own dreams, as scary as they may seem.”

CLICQUOT: A Revolutionary Musical follows Barbe-Nicole Clicquot Ponsardin’s life and career as she overcomes the political turmoil of the Napoleonic Wars while conquering the challenges she faced at every turn.Barbe-Nicole led an aristocratic life, but when her beloved husband François died unexpectedly, she did the unthinkable and led the company he started to become one of the most successful international businesses in the world. Several intriguing historical figures intersect with Barbe-Nicole, including Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and Jean-Remy Möet of the legendary Moët & Chandon wines. With a timeless score, Clicquot shines a light on the remarkable Barbe-Nicole, who defied the status quo and changed the rules for women in business. Today, Veuve Clicquot is celebrated as one of the greatest Champagne houses and one of the most iconic brands in the world, thanks to the bravery and audacity of Barbe-Nicole.

Laurie Glodowski and Patti Maurer of 35th PARALLEL PRODUCTIONS, the theatrical producers of the show, comment: “This wonderful recording is the next step to bringing this timely and moving musical to stages around the world. We have all the tools in place – the nuance and skill of the writing, the grandeur of the orchestra, the power of the singers, and the inspiration of our heroine – to tell this exciting and resonant story. We’ve been truly inspired by how many creative people came together to make this project a success.”

Yellow Sound Label founder Michael Croiter adds: “At our label, we have worked with award-winners across every major genre, but we also love introducing new talent. I consider the team of Glodowski and Walter a true find. Their lush, complex and intelligent score digs into this epic story in a revelatory way.”

Frank Galgano, co-founder of Brainstorm Records, remembers: “Matt and I were literally driving through the Champagne region of France when the call came: ‘Would you be interested in orchestrating a musical about the legacy of Clicquot?’ We’d enjoyed the famous bubbly before, but we didn’t have a clue about the incredible woman behind it. We were immediately captivated by the insightful lyrics and tuneful score… and couldn’t wait to dig in!” 

The recording features the vocal talents of Victoria Frings as Barbe-Nicole Clicquot Ponsardin, Kevin Massey as François Clicquot, Paolo Montalban as Louis Bohne, Kai An Chee as Dressmaker, Tim Rogan as Jean Remy-Moët, Rachael Worthington as Clémentine Ponsardin, Nick Laughlin as Napoleon Bonaparte, Steve Blanchard as Philippe Clicquot, Neal Young as Nicolas Ponsardin, Erin McMillen as Young Barbe-Nicole, and Eric Sorrels as Young François. Kennedy Kanagawa and Richard Lindenfelzer are featured as soloists. The ensemble also features Joanna Carpenter, Matt Castle, Robert Fowler, Meredith Inglesby, Mairys Joaquin, Taylor Kraft, Cedric Leiba Jr, Cassie Maurer, and Santina Umbach. Dane Lentz and Jillienne Leigh serve as ASL Interpreters.

CLICQUOT: A Revolutionary Musical has been presented at several well-received industry readings, featured at New York Theatre Barn’s “New Work” series in 2020, and enjoyed a sold-out premiere as “Clicquot in Concert!” at the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina in 2021.