Video still of Eli Fola

From a surrealistic painter who makes films and designs comic books to a Grammy-winning singer and songwriter who was classically trained in ballet, Brooklyn Made explores diverse artistic practices of iconic Brooklyn creatives. 

BRIC TV, the Emmy-winning, nonprofit cable television channel and digital network, will premiere a new series called Brooklyn Made, launching on March 23, 2023. Since 2015, Brooklyn Made has cinematically spotlighted Brooklyn’s best crafters, makers, builders, and designers–the amazing artists and artisans who have catapulted the borough into one of the most creative places in the world. This season features two-time Grammy-winning singer, Kendra Foster; Yoruba Tech Soul musician, Eli Fola; guardian angel of New York City nightlife and Friends & Lovers owner, Diana Mora; sculptor of hip hop icons, Sherwin Banfield; and surrealistic, multi-disciplinary artist, Ian Cinco. Brooklyn Made’s first ever screening event will kick off the season on March 21, 2023, in the BRIC Ballroom. Doors open at 6:30, event starts at 7 pm. Q+A will follow with Executive Producer Kecia Élan Cole, series director/editor Kayode Kaykay Olowu., and featured makers Diana Mora, Sherwin Bandfield, and Ian Cinco. RSVP to the event here.

Each week on Thursdays, from March 23 through April 20, 2023, a new episode featuring a provocative peek into a singular maker’s practice will launch on BRIC’s website. You can view a trailer for the new season here. New episodes can be watched here ranging from four to eight minutes long.

 Kecia Élan Cole, Executive Producer, said: 

“This extraordinarily art-centric community called Brooklyn is a profoundly creative place that’s overflowing with creative visionaries and makers. Brooklyn has become the unequivocal epicenter of maker culture, and the Brooklyn Made docuseries tells those variegated maker narratives in a really visually compelling way. The series delves into the creative processes of the hippest and hottest artisans, musicians, and makers who help make Brooklyn the categorically creative hub that it is. We’re beyond excited about the new Brooklyn Made season and can’t wait to tell even more of these meaningful narratives, which will ideally influence and inspire the creative ethos.”

Kuye Youngblood, BRIC TV General Manager, said: 

“As a program of BRIC, BRIC TV’s mission-inspired focus includes advancing opportunities for artists. With the Brooklyn Made series, we are highlighting their craft and unique stories through the medium of film. These artist profiles travel with them as they grow in their careers.  Over the years, this series has featured many artists – and we define artists broadly. From sculptors, to cooks, to candlemakers, to composers, dancers, and musicians – it’s about that maker culture and the freedom of creativity. We are looking forward to coming together around the screening at BRIC House on March 21st to launch this exciting new season!”


Episode #1 Kendra Foster 

Air Date: March 23, 2023

Description: In this vibrant episode of Brooklyn Made, we feature future-leaning funktress Kendra Foster, who proclaims music as her ministry, and the sonic seeking population as her congregation. The two-time Grammy winning singer and songwriter who boasts illustrious collaborations including George Clinton and D’Angelo, expounds on when and how to indulge in the magic of her own dreams. Produced by Kecia Élan Cole and Kayode Kaykay Olowu.

Episode #2 Eli Fola

Air Date: March 30, 2023

Description: Nigeria-born and New York-based artist Eli Fola takes us on a soulful journey to the Afro future with Yoruba Tech Soul—a genre that fuses traditional Nigerian sounds, electronic, jazz, house and classical music. In this evocative episode of Brooklyn Made, we chronicle this multidisciplinary, self taught musician and DJ as he produces music and plays the sax in a performative manner that pays evident homage to the motherland. Produced by Kecia Élan Cole and Sammie Amachre.

Episode #3 Diana Mora

Air Date: April 6, 2023

Description: Gallant guardian angel of New York City nightlife, Diana Mora, is a club owner of Friends & Lovers, a community-first space and platform for emerging talent across various genres. In this inspirational episode of Brooklyn Made, we rendezvous with industry change maker Mora, who discusses the advocacy and action coalition she co-created by and for the city’s nightlife community, NYC Nightlife United. Produced by Kecia Élan Cole, Kayode Kaykay Olowu and Sammie Amachre.

Episode #4 Sherwin Banfield

Air Date: April 13, 2023

Description: Conjuring undeniably iconic hip hop legends like LL Cool J and Biggie Smalls, artist Sherwin Banfield’s work is a reflection of the shapes, lines and designs and serves as an artistic tribute to hip hop culture itself. In this lit episode of Brooklyn Made, we unpack Sherwin’s process and visit his latest sculpture of Brooklyn’s finest Biggie Smalls in the conspicuously scenic shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge. Produced by Kecia Élan Cole, Fred Brown Jr and Kayode Kaykay Olowu.

Episode #5 Ian Cinco 

Air Date: April 20, 2023

Description: A satirical and surreal multimedia artist and filmmaker, Ian Cinco pushes visual boundaries with work that encompasses everything on the spectrum from the kinetic and erotic to the absurd. In this animated episode of Brooklyn Made, we glimpse into Cinco’s profoundly imaginative and emotionally charged artistic processes. Produced by Kecia Élan Cole and Kayode Kaykay Olowu.


Brooklyn Made is  a highly cinematic spotlight on our borough’s best crafters, makers, builders and designers-the amazing artists and artisans who have catapulted Brooklyn into one of the most creative places in the word. The NY Emmy-nominated series utilizes short verité-style profiles of the hippest and hottest makers, builders and artists on the scene. With short form documentaries from four to eight minutes, we take a provocative peek into their studios, dissecting and documenting their visually dynamic processes. Representing one of the most significant art formats of our time, documentaries possess the power to tell compelling stories, inspire the viewer, and potentially transform our world. Brooklyn Made seeks to do just that…one story at a time.

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