The Bloomingdale School of Music in Manhattan has appointed saxophonist Daniel Bennett as the new Director of Jazz Studies. The UK Jazz Journal called Daniel Bennett “an outspoken voice of hope” during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Boston Globe described Bennett’s music as “a mix of Jazz, Folk and Minimalism.” Bennett’s advocacy for new music has guided his work as a jazz educator.

“We live in a complex world. I’m excited to introduce my hybrid musical approach to jazz students at BSM,” said Daniel Bennett.

Bloomingdale School of Music is an award-winning community music school located on the Upper West Side in Manhattan. The school was founded in 1964 as a cultural hub for high quality music education. Bloomingdale School of Music serves over 800 students of all ages at their historic brownstone location. The school was recently renovated on syndicated ‘George to the Rescue’ (NBC TV).

As director of the BSM Jazz Department, Daniel Bennett will lead two adult jazz ensembles and a youth jazz ensemble. Daniel Bennett will also produce an ongoing jazz lecture series and jazz festival at the school. Bloomingdale School of Music is located at 323 West 108th Street in New York City. For more information, visit

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