First-Ever Children’s Museum In The Bronx… A Destination for All New Yorkers!

The brand-new Bronx Children’s Museum is a 13,650-square-foot permanent space in the South Bronx, featuring site-specific art installations and interactive exhibits where families can play, learn and connect to the Bronx – its natural and cultural resources – through dramatic role-play, art, and scientific exploration. Geared for kids from infancy to fourth grade, exhibit highlights include The Waterways, a 35-foot long water table where children can launch boats, splash and play with locks and bridges while learning about local waterways such as the Bronx River, Harlem River and Orchard Beach. In The Woods exhibit, children can discover a variety of animals, plants, and other natural features of the Bronx through a microscope, observe live animals in their enclosures, create nature patterns, or build a kid-sized beaver lodge. A whimsical casitabodega, community garden, farm stand and surrounding streetscape give children a chance to explore The Block, a miniature replica of a local neighborhood. Families and caregivers will delight in The Nesta soft area museum space, where little ones, ages 0-3, are encouraged to develop their fine and gross motor skills through crawling, pulling up, and sorting objects. Sonia’s Corner, named in honor of both Justice Sonia Sotomayor and fellow Bronx native, actor and writer Sonia Manzano, has an array of children’s books and family-friendly resources.

MESEUM HOURS:           As of January 3, 2023!

                                                Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays

                                                10:00am – 1:00pm

                                                2:00pm – 5:00pm

LOCATION:                        Bronx Children’s Museum

                                                725 Exterior Street, Bronx

                                                (near Yankee Stadium, along the Harlem River)

INFORMATION/TICKETS: Visit the Museum’s website for Museum hours, ticket reservations and information.

Arts Building Community Collection

Bronx Children’s Museum’s Arts Builds Community (ABC) Collection, curated by Natalie Collette Wood, includes work by twelve contemporary Bronx-connected artists who have created new site-specific installations for the Museum. Each work was directly inspired by the natural environment of the Bronx, its rich history, music and culture and, mostly importantly, the children in the Little Friends of the Museum Program. By working with children, artists have integrated the fantastical spirit and wonder of being a child into their work.

After more than 12 years of providing quality enrichment programs to children throughout the Bronx as a museum “without walls”, Bronx Children’s Museum is proud to open the doors to the first-ever children’s museum facility in the borough, just steps from Yankee Stadium and Bronx Terminal Market, in a City-owned former powerhouse in the South Bronx along the Harlem River.

Founded in 2005, Bronx Children’s Museum is a new kind of multicultural, Bronx-inspired children’s museum operating “with and without walls” geared to those from infancy through fourth grade. Since programming began in 2010, the Museum has engaged more than 124,000 children and families at 584 different community events and 106 educational institutions. Bronx Children’s Museum nurtures children to find their voice, fulfill their potential and connect to their communities, the Bronx and the world beyond.