Supporting new mamas goes way beyond pregnancy and the birthing room. Our society notoriously overlooks the support new mom’s need six to eight weeks following the baby’s birth, a time when mom’s body and ,mind are subject to dramatic changes and intensive healing needs. Moreover, reports show that 1 in 7 new moms experience postpartum depression after childbirth. So why aren’t we talking about this fourth trimester?

Reiki Master, Doula and Just Pause founder Laura Hayward knows that a new mom’s needs postpartum are just as important as during her pregnancy. And those needs aren’t just physical—Laura’s holistic training and knowledge support Mom, Baby and Partner with the mind and soul, too.

In (It’s) Just Birth, a division of Just Pause, Laura provides Reiki, doula and childbirth education services throughout pregnancy, labor and postpartum. Her goal? To help new moms heal and reconnect with their body’s birthing power—leaving them balanced, recharged and revitalized.

An Eastern energy healing technique, Reiki heals the body’s energy and eases stress, pain and tension–just the thing for new mamas.

Laura’s postpartum sessions are tailored to each mom’s needs, offering postpartum Reiki, lactation support, birth story processing and even baby Reiki.

Laura’s clientele is New York- and Hamptons-based, so she understands the fast-paced lifestyle and is supportive through all of life’s changes. 


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Laura Hayward is a Doula & Reiki Master who supports clients through all stages of their fertility and pregnancy journeys. Her business, Just Pause, operates between Manhattan and the Hamptons. Laura grew up in the Kent countryside in England. Her father is a Reiki Practitioner, her mother a Primary School principal, and her childhood was, in hindsight, quite alternative. Energy healing was standard in her home, and this coupled with her European mindset towards birth gives her a true appreciation for the value of gentle, client-centric-care, and the natural power of the birthing body. The first 15 years of Laura’s career were spent in the fast-paced world of Finance, working with Hedge Funds in London and New York. In her time on Wall Street, she won the Women’s Bond Club Rising Star award, the Bank of America Diversity & Inclusion award, and the Out & Equal Belonging & Equity Visionary award, before becoming a mother herself and retraining with CAPPA and the HypnoBirth Institute as a Doula. The juxtaposition of Laura’s Finance background and her alternative childhood, gave her an unusual path into birth work. She combines her natural, and energy-centric Reiki practice with a truly evidence-based approach to birth, allowing her to holistically support her clients whatever their birth plans. Laura splits her time between the Upper East Side and Sagaponack with her wife, their daughter and their dogs, cats, horse and chickens. She covers clients across the Tri-State area.