The Dior Tales series of podcasts invites children to an enchanting audio interlude, in the form of fabulous stories, written and told in French and English by Cordelia de Castellane. In conjunction with the festive season, the Artistic Director of Baby Dior has dreamed up a new fairy tale, exalting the magic of couture. An odyssey that leads us into the daily life of a young merchant, who wanders the towns of Normandy selling her fabrics, accompanied by her dog Alto. One particularly cold winter’s day, she meets an old lady who asks for one of her rolls of material, and who presents her, the following day, with a sumptuous dress made out of the fabric. This is the beginning of an extraordinary adventure, punctuated by a magical encounter with Christian Dior, in the heart of the rose garden of his childhood home, in Granville. A marvelous account of the behind-the-scenes of creation, carrying listeners away to the country of dreams.

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