Image from Play Your Way – Dungeons & Dragons nominated in the Commercial, PSA or Promo category from Brigham Young University

Students From Colleges Nationwide Recognized by Television Academy Members for Their Exceptional Programs

Foundation Announces 2023 Recipient of the $10,000 Loreen Arbus Focus on Disability Scholarship

The Television Academy Foundation today announced nominees for the 42nd College Television Awards, which recognize and reward excellence in student-produced programs from colleges nationwide, and revealed the recipient of the $10,000 Loreen Arbus Focus on Disability Scholarship.

The College Television Awards ceremony will be held on Saturday, April 1, 2023, at the Television Academy’s North Hollywood campus. Student nominees will also participate in two days of professional development discussions and networking opportunities with media-industry leaders to support career advancement.

Twenty-one student-produced programs are nominated from 132 entries submitted by 35 colleges and universities nationwide. Designed to emulate the Emmy® Awards, student entries are judged by Television Academy members; three projects are nominated in each of the seven categories. Criteria for the College Television Awards reflects industry standards of excellence, imagination and innovation. Each winning project will receive a $3,000 cash prize. 

The nominees for the 42nd College Television Awards are listed below:

Animation Series:

Cenote – Brigham Young University

Andrew Pettit, Producer

Daniel Villanueva Avalos, Director/Writer

Samantha Barroso, Director

Kaghati – Savannah College of Art and Design

Stanley Soendoro, Director/Producer/Writer

Amanda Jayapurna, Director/Producer/Writer

Maansi Sunkara, Producer

Lorena Da Silva, Writer

Christian Rodriguez, Writer

Agatha Tiara Christa, Writer

The Pope’s Dog – Savannah College of Art and Design

Madison Tody, Producer

Neko Pilarcik-Tellez, Director

Yousef Geneidy, Writer

Comedy Series:

Espionage by Candlelight – Regent University

Jared Esteban, Director/Writer

Leila Haddad, Producer

Michael Beam, Producer

Transpassing – Loyola Marymount University

Danuta Janiszewski, Producer/Writer

Fiori Carmen, Director

Wei-Lai – University of Southern California

Zhongyu Wang, Director

Naomi Shroff-Mehta, Producer

Guang Xi Shi, Writer

Commercial, PSA or Promo:

Ebay – Dear Vanessa – Brigham Young University

Andrew Rhee, Director/Writer

Madi Hill, Producer

Made to Last – Brigham Young University

Luke Roberts, Director/Producer

Hailey Skinner, Writer

Play Your Way – Dungeons & Dragons – Brigham Young University

Taylor Garrett, Director

Savannah Butler, Producer

Alex McBride, Producer

Stephanie Blackham, Writer

Drama Series:

Amelia (the Twin) – Biola University

Luke Montgomery, Director/Producer/Writer

Ethan Montgomery, Director/Writer

Maggie on Stratford Ave. – Brigham Young University

Albert James May, Director/Writer

Marcus Weatherred, Producer

Provenance – University of Southern California

Vivian Gray, Director

Caleb Townsend, Producer/Writer

Bijan Kazerooni, Producer

Lucinda Hirschfeld, Producer

Julia Elizabeth Evans, Producer


Focus: Disruption – Moving Forward – Montclair State University

Julia Egan, Producer/Writer

Gabby Taylor, Producer/Writer

Bernice Ndegwa, Producer/Writer

Louis Biondolillo, Producer/Writer

Fabby Prescott, Director

Rebecca Kobik, Director

New Orleans | Raging Storms – Montclair State University

Solana Brol, Director/Producer/Writer

Emily Dolan, Director/Producer/Writer

Louis Biondolillo, Producer/Writer

Givonna Boggans, Producer/Writer

Michelle Coneo Fernandez, Producer/Writer

Ryan Breyta, Producer/Writer

Khan Hussain, Producer/Writer

Talon Lauriello, Producer/Writer

Drew Mumich, Producer/Writer

Bernice Ndegwa, Producer/Writer

Keyshawn Reese, Producer/Writer

Gabby Taylor, Producer/Writer

Carter Winner, Producer/Writer

Kaya Maciak, Producer/Writer

UMTV NewsVision – University of Miami

Ben Ezzy, Director

Tyler Walsh, Producer

Spencer Askinazy, Producer

Katelyn Kucharski, Writer

Sophia Vitello, Writer

Harvey Duplock, Writer

Embrik Eyles, Writer

Derryl Barnes, Writer

Blake Atwell, Writer

Nonfiction or Reality Series:

Bad Hombrewood – University of Southern California

Guillermo Casarin, Director/Writer

Santos Herrera, Producer

Marian Cook, Producer

Beyond the Chair – Florida State University

Thomas Hindy, Director/Producer/Writer

Lizzi: Deeper Than Water – Taylor University

Anna Rodman, Producer/Writer

Gabriel Burch, Director/Writer


SportsDesk – University of Miami

Danyel DeVilliers, Director/Producer

Gianna Sanchez, Producer

Derryl Barnes, Writer

Maxwell Trink, Writer

Josh White, Writer

Thomas Sullivan, Writer

Cassandra Garcia, Writer

Michelle Ng-Reyes, Writer

Sports Night in Auburn  Auburn University (Auburn)

Zach Card, Director/Producer/Writer

Colin Beyersdorf, Writer

Mikayla Kelly, Writer

Sports Xtra – University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill)

Anna Blount, Writer

Solomon Reaves, Producer

Tyler Chilton, Director

The Foundation also named the recipient of the $10,000 Loreen Arbus Focus on Disability Scholarship, which recognizes and rewards a student-produced project that best portrays disability issues or helps emerging artists with a disability gain recognition. The winning piece for 2023 is titled Lizzi: Deeper Than Water by Taylor University students Anna Rodman and Gabriel Burch. It profiles swimmer Lizzi Smith of Muncie, Indiana, who suffers from amniotic band syndrome and was born missing a forearm, as she competed in the Paralympics in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Loreen Arbus is a two-time Emmy nominee who holds the trailblazing distinction of being the first woman to head programming for a U.S. network, both at Showtime and Cable Health Network/Lifetime, and is a leading advocate for people with disabilities. This is the 12th year for this award, provided by the Loreen Arbus Foundation, which has established and funds scholarships that both enhance and elevate social consciousness around key societal issues. 

Winners in the competition will be announced by celebrity presenters at the awards ceremony on April 1, 2023. During the show the Seymour Bricker Humanitarian Award, a $4,000 cash prize, will also be awarded to a College Television Award nominee that best highlights a humanitarian concern.

“Congratulations to all of the 2023 nominees whose exceptional student productions have been recognized by the Television Academy Foundation,” said Foundation Chair Cris Abrego. “By showcasing their outstanding work, the Foundation is able to help students from across the country gain career exposure, opening doors for the next generation of industry leaders.”

Tickets to the April 1 awards ceremony are $25 for students with ID and $50 for general admission. To purchase tickets, visit

The 42nd College Television Awards is supported by philanthropists and corporate partners including The Loreen Arbus Foundation, PEOPLE® and Warner Bros. Discovery.

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