Home can have multiple meanings, some symbolic and some literal. To New York-based artist Lucy Lamphere, home is a metaphor for finding one’s place in the world. After the cataclysmic upheaval of the pandemic, Lamphere’s current exhibit at the Union League Club was a way for the artist to present a multitude views and perspectives.

“Confined to a small workspace during the pandemic, I began the abstraction series as a kind of mental yoga,” says Lamphere. “With their limited size, scale, and economy of gesture, these works were a way for me to deconstruct and reformulate my definition of home.”

As is her practice when faced with a puzzle, Lamphere took it apart, analyzed the pieces, reduced it to its elements, and built back a new order. The brilliant color of her houses, some set in landscapes, others playfully stacked on top of one another, are Lamphere’s form of reconstruction.

Each painting stands on its own, but also converses with the others around it and with the viewers who visit. “We all went through this extraordinary event together but also alone. It is something I am still negotiating,” she adds.

Lamphere may be “Almost Home” but her exhibit conjures up near perfect images of what home could be, just when we need it the most.

Lucy Lamphere’s exhibit, “Almost Home,” is on view at the Union League Club art gallery, 38 E 37th St, NY, NY, through November 30th, 2022 (by appointment only, 917-992-8929).

More about Lucy Lamphere

Lucy Lamphere is a New York Studio School Alumni and recipient of the Mercedes Matter Award for 2021. She was recently included in group shows at New York’s Atlantic Gallery, Prince Street Gallery, Blue Mountain Gallery, Boom Contemporary, and in curated shows in ARC Chicago and Arc San Francisco Galleries. Her works are collected internationally and throughout the United States. She is also a board member of the Noguchi Museum.