Bear Donut which opened this past summer in NoMad to great accolades is launching a new breakfast menu which introduces the “Doffle” a Donut + Waffle, and their new selection of Fall Special Donuts that are sure to warm the heart! 

Bear Donut is a new brand from Suhum Jang, Owner of the Michelin-recognized modern Asian restaurant Hortus NYC and Marketing Director Honey Kim founder of ARTIPS, a beauty brand currently stocked at such stores as Anthropologie and Free People. Bear Donut is a reimagined retro American donut shop with South Korean flair. 

The New Breakfast Menu Includes:

Doffle (Donut + Waffle)

Doffles are made with their chewy mochi donuts. Served with creamy, sweet, and refreshing house-made yogurt whipped cream.

Flavors: Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry 

Availability: From 8 am – until sold out 

Unit Price: $7.50

Doffle + Coffee Combo: $10 

Fall Specials:

Pumpkin Spice Donut – Pumpkin cream filled, pumpkin spice glazed 

Unit price: $5

Maple Glazed Donut – Maple glaze, crunchy banana chips

Unit Price: $3.75 

Lavenduo Soft Serve 

House-made lavender soft serve with their signature lavender glazed donut

refreshingly sweet & floral 

Also featured on Food Network’s Instagram with 1.6M views

Unit Price: Lavenduo (soft serve + donut combo) $9.50, Soft Serve Only $6.50 

Thanksgiving Day

Bear Donut will be open on Thanksgiving Day, offering great post dinner desserts for those who don’t like piesThe donuts are not only delicious but also appetizing to the eyes. You may view their full menu here.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope you will consider sharing Bear Donut’s new breakfast, fall specials and their delicious Lavenduo Soft Serve with your audience!


PHONE: 646-476-5199

INSTAGRAM: @beardonutinc

HOURS: Tuesday – Sunday: 8 am – 6:30 pm

Monday: Closed