The A.B.C.Dior podcast series invites you to decipher the symbols and secrets that have shaped and punctuated the history of the House since its creation in 1946. For Halloween, Dior is unveiling a new audio and visual adventure devoted to the subject of superstition, so dear to Christian Dior. From the star to the sprig of lily of the valley, via the number 8 or the tarot, this episode tells the story of the founding couturier’s fascination with signs of fate and the divinatory arts, which marked his collections and the Dior odyssey. A captivating tale, steeped in mystery, an ode to the magical aura eternally connected to that “kingdom of dreams.” To listen to as of today on all streaming platforms and to discover on Youtube from October 31, in a video format illustrated with archival photos and images.

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