Kentuckian-turned-New Yorker Risa Puno is known for her interactive art installations that encourage connection and empathy. Exclusively on display this week in Williamsburg, Puno created interactive public artwork inspired by the interconnectedness of urban living, as well as the city’s iconic brownstone stoops that serve as sites for spontaneous social gatherings.

Puno’s new installation is a shared stoop that welcomes her fellow New Yorkers to sit, take a break from busy city life, and savor the moment together. Open Invitation is a monument to shared experiences, hospitality, and feeling like you belong.

The installation is a central piece in the Maker’s Mark “A Toast to Remarkable NYC” program, which is intended to spotlight all the reasons people love NYC. Along with Puno, Maker’s Mark is partnering with LISA Project NYC, a local arts nonprofit featuring diverse artists and art-based events in NYC, to kick off a city-wide celebration with local tastemakers, and everyday remarkable New Yorkers in “Raising a Toast” to the City.

Risa Puno’s custom sculpture for A Toast to Remarkable NYC must be seen, and experienced, in person to be best enjoyed. You can check it out at Macri Triangle in Williamsburg, Brooklyn from October 25-29.

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