NYC Media Recently Honored with Six 2022 NY Emmy Wins

“BRIC TV Presents Brooklyn Made” Series Premieres Tonight

The Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment (MOME) is proud to celebrate the 55th anniversary of WNYE-TV, the City’s non-commercial, educational television station, part of the NYC Media television and radio network. This milestone comes as the network was recently honored at the 2022 NY Emmy awards with six wins and premieres BRIC TV Presents Brooklyn Made, tonight, October 19 at 9:00pm on its flagship channel NYC Life (Channel 25.1). Combined with the continual offering of up-to-date city government information on the NYC Gov channel (channel 25.2), beloved original and partner video content on the NYC Life channel, and radio programming on 91.5FM, NYC Media continues to deliver on its goal to inform, educate and entertain New Yorkers about the city’s diverse people and neighborhoods. For a full list of NYC Media schedules and programming, which feature a broad array of TV and radio shows about NYC, please visit

“The team behind NYC Media, the City’s broadcast TV and radio network, tirelessly works to keep New Yorkers up-to-date on this administration’s work to get stuff done,” said Deputy Mayor Maria Torres-Springer. “We join in the celebrations of NYE-TV’s fifty-fifth anniversary and NYC Media’s recent NY Emmy wins. Thank you for showcasing New York stories and proving why New York City is the creative capital of the world.”

“We are proud to celebrate 55 years of television station WNYE-TV on NYC Media, the City’s official broadcast network,” said the Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment, Anne del Castillo. “Now under the leadership of General Manager Karen Johnson, WNYE-TV is a critical resource for New Yorkers, featuring relevant lifestyle programming on NYC Life (channel 25/25.1) and information about municipal programs and services on NYC Gov (channel 25.2).”

On Saturday, October 8, the 2022 NY Emmy Awards recognized NYC Media for its original content in six different categories, from a total of 21 nominations. Additionally, two more NY Emmys were awarded to programs that aired on NYC Life in 2022. Those eight wins include:

  • Education/Schools: Short Form Content 
    Once Upon A City – “Bloomers And Bicycles”
  • Editor: Short Form Content 
    Susan Handman – Once Upon A City
  • Graphic Arts: Non-News or Non-Sports 
    Once Upon A City
  • Informational/Instructional: Short Form Content 
    Inform NYC – “Queens Grid”
  • Promotion: Program Promotion (Single Spot) 
    Once Upon A City Promo
  • Talent: Performer/Narrator 
    Susan Handman – Once Upon A City
  • Diversity/Equity/Inclusion: Short Form Content 
    The Freedom To Be – “Black Surfers In The Rockaways” 
    (Produced by NYC & Company and Presented on NYC Life)
  • Entertainment: Short Form Content 
    “New York State Of Mind” 
    (Produced by NYCNext and Presented on NYC Life)

For a complete list of NYC Media 2022 Emmy Nominations, please visit here.

In celebration of the 55th anniversary, and as a result of outreach efforts specifically designed to feature more community programming, NYC Media is proud to premiere BRIC TV Presents Brooklyn Made, a highly cinematic spotlight of the makers, builders, designers, and artists who made Brooklyn one of the most creative places in the world. The 11-episode series will debut tonight, Wednesday, October 19 at 9:00pm on the NYC Life channel and the trailer is available here.

The docu-series premiere on the NYC Life channel expands and amplifies the audience for the BRIC TV production, a service that NYC Media provides for multiple NYC-based platforms and creators such as NYC & Company, NYCNext, 92NY, Emmy Award-winning Host Mickela Mallozzi of the Bare Feet in NYC series, David Katz productions’ Date While You Wait, and more. This content, presented alongside the NYC Life channel’s slew of original programing, including A Day’s WorkBlueprint NYC, Secrets of New YorkHer Big IdeaOnce Upon a City and more, is available on Channel 25.1 Over the Air, channel 22 on Optimum, channel 525 on Verizon FiOS, channel 1025 on Comcast, and channel 25 on Spectrum, DirecTV, and RCN.

In addition to its Emmy-award winning content, NYC Media is proud to offer New Yorkers a comprehensive destination, the NYC Gov channel, to receive accurate, up-to-date city information, including emergency alerts, National Weather Service news, school closings, city wide parking, garbage collection, buses and subways, and live updates from the Mayor’s office and city officials about COVID 19 responses. During the pandemic and as NYC recovers, it remains critical that New Yorkers have access to this information to make informed decisions. NYC Gov is available on Channel 25.2 Over the Air, channel 74 on Spectrum, channel 24 on Verizon FiOS, channel 74 on Altice and channel 81 on RCN.

Fun Facts about NYC Media:

  • The City has been broadcasting since July 8, 1924 – almost 100 years! – when it aired the first live radio program from 1 Centre Street.
  • In its early years, WNYE-TV primarily focused on providing instructional programming for classrooms and operated during school hours.
  • Known as a network to amplify local content, NYC Media has seen its original programming appear on larger platforms including PBS, NBC, Continental, Delta and South African airlines, and on NY bound Carnival Cruise lines.
  • Since a rebranding in 2004, NYC Media has garnered 82 NY Emmy Award wins.
  • NYC Media launched several iconic programs including Roadtrip NationVideo Voter Guide, and Joseph Rosendo’s Travelscope.

NYC Media programming is available for viewing across multiple platforms including iOS and Android apps, Taxi TV and all area cable providers.