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Department of City Planning will outline the Mayor’s plans to modernize and update our zoning regulations to promote sustainability, to support small businesses, and to create affordable housing.

Remote public session is accessible online or by phone

Department of City Planning (DCP) announced that it will hold the first public information session on the Mayor’s City of Yes on Oct. 17 at 7 p.m. These key zoning proposals seek to modernize and rationalize our zoning rules to help the City recover more quickly from the pandemic, to create a greener city, to support small business growth, and to incentivize the creation of housing, at all levels, in all New York City neighborhoods.

“The City of Yes proposals are designed to speed up our recovery, and to create a healthier and more affordable city, so we are excited to begin the public conversation.  We are starting this process early, while we are still drafting the plan, in order to ensure robust community engagement.  We hope people turn out to share their views,” said Dan Garodnick, Department of City Planning Director and Chair of the City Planning Commission.

The “City of Yes” initiative includes three zoning text amendments that will update New York City’s zoning rules as part of Mayor Adams’ vision for a more inclusive and equitable city. The proposals include:

Zoning for Zero Carbon (ZZC) aims to modernize the zoning regulations in support of our climate goals. The changes would focus on supporting a renewable energy grid, making our buildings clean and efficient, support for electric vehicle charging and micro-mobility options, and reducing waste and stormwater.

Zoning for Economic Opportunity (ZEO) is focused on providing our small businesses with the flexibility needed to for them to change and grow, especially as the city recovers from COVID-19. The proposals would remove unnecessary and outdated limitations on small businesses and ensure that our storefronts are occupied, and our neighborhoods remain lively spaces.

Zoning for Housing Opportunity (ZHO) is a direct response to our City’s housing crisis. This inclusive, citywide approach to expanding and diversifying the housing supply, will ensure that every neighborhood does its part to help meet housing needs and provide equitable access to housing for all New Yorkers.

  • To learn more about City of Yes, visit DCP’s website here.
  • To sign up or watch the info session via livestream, visit NYC Engage.
  • Flyers describing the proposals are directly available here.

Department of City Planning
The Department of City Planning (DCP) plans for the strategic growth and development of the City through ground-up planning with communities, the development of land use policies and zoning regulations applicable citywide, and its contribution to the preparation of the City’s 10-year Capital Strategy. DCP promotes housing production and affordability, fosters economic development and coordinated investments in infrastructure and services, and supports resilient, sustainable communities across the five boroughs for a more equitable New York City.

In addition, DCP supports the City Planning Commission in its annual review of approximately 450 land use applications for a variety of discretionary approvals. The Department also assists both government agencies and the public by advising on strategic and capital planning and providing policy analysis, technical assistance and data relating to housing, transportation, community facilities, demography, zoning, urban design, waterfront areas and public open space.

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