ICHIRAN Sake Flights

As cooler fall days draw nearer, New Yorkers will soon be flocking to their favorite ramen houses to enjoy a hot bowl of their favorite noodle dish. With National Noodle Day approaching on October 6thICHIRAN is one of NYC’s standouts when it comes to exceptional ramen, of which their noodles—made in-house—is one of its key ingredients.  

At ICHIRAN, the ramen is comprised of: Hakata-style homemade thin noodles, which are prepared daily at their factory in Brooklyn factoring in the humidity and temperature that day; the classic Tonkotsu broth, made with pure filtered water and pork bones; and ICHIRAN’s Original Spicy Red Sauce (Hiden no Tare), a togarashi pepper-based sauce aged and cooked slowly with more than 30 different types of spices, which is ICHIRAN’s greatest secret.

Each ramen bowl can be tailored with the diner’s choice of dashi flavoring, richness levels, garlic, scallion, Chashu (sliced pork), Hiden no Tare and noodle textures. Additional toppings and sides include marinated pork loin, Kikurage mushrooms, soft-boiled egg, dried seaweed, white rice and Osukaran vinegar. Guests can also order extra toppings as well as noodle refills known as Kae-Dama. ICHIRAN’s solo dining booths make it a great option for celebrating noodle day alone, while the adjustable dividers make it easy to be joined by friends.

ICHIRAN also offers its staple Tonkotsu ramen in a take-home ramen kit to make every day National Noodle Day.

ICHIRAN has three NYC locations in Times SquareMidtown, and Brooklyn.

ICHIRAN, one of the world’s leading experts in Tonkotsu ramen, who has recently introduced a Sake Flight at their Brooklyn location (374 Johnson Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11206), featuring three of the restaurants’ best sake for $16. Each serving contains a generous 2.4 oz to satisfy sake enthusiasts, as well as anyone interested in spirits, who want to try new sake without committing to ordering an entire bottle. 

ICHIRAN’s new sake flight will include the following:

  • Kitaya Souden (Tokubetsu Junmai): Using Yamada-Nishiki rice, Kitaya Souden is brewed via the Yamahai method with low temperature fermentation over the course of two months. This results in a fruit-forward and elevated acidity profile.
  • Tenryo Koshu (Junmai Daiginjo): Uses “flower yeast” (Hanakoubo) from the Flower Yeast Association of Tokyo University of Agriculture. This sake is aged under strict temperature control to develop its profound and refined taste that complements all foods.
  • Hizo Otokoyama (Junmai Ginjo): Hizo Otokoyama is brewed from Gin no Sato sake brewing rice. It is full bodied, lightly nuanced, boldly rice forward, smooth, and strikingly dry.

ICHIRAN’s new sake flight is currently only available for diners seated in the Yatai table dining area (not the booth seating) during the evenings from 6 pm until close. Kindly find more information on the different sakes here.