Artist Shantell Martin’s signature black and white lines have led her to exciting and very successful collaborations that highlight both her work and those of the brands she loves. In her newest collab – Shantell x HOEK – Shantell designed super fun pieces with her iconic pen, from coasters to coffee tables to wall art, to spread throughout any eco-conscious home.

Shantell’s work explores themes of identity, connections, and play. Together with Shantell, the sustainable home company HOEK wants to challenge people to think about how they use space, how they consume, and the materials that they choose. 

“We are excited to present this collaboration that we’ve been working on for some time now. It’s always so fun and rewarding to experiment with different ideas – A huge thank you to the HOEK team for helping to bring some of those ideas to life and eventually find themselves in people’s homes.” – Shantell Martin

HOEK created a limited collection of pieces ranging from small handheld-sized elements up to room-sized installations that will spark joy and inspire people to think more creatively about how they use the space around them. 

“Using our collaboration with Shantell as a starting point, we can set up a framework for future artists to collaborate with HOEK on an ongoing basis. Shantell’s art perfectly utilized our machinery, workshop, and expertise in materials and fabrication. We hope to enable other young artists to find a platform and also further our mission of innovation within the furniture industry.” – Conor Coghlan, Co-Founder & CEO

Shantell x HOEK is a perfect meeting of the minds, two artistic, thoughtful creative forces coming together to make the world a happier, more comfortable place.

About Shantell Martin:

Shantell’s art is exhibited and sought after by many top museums, galleries, and art spaces such as the Whitney Museum Shop in NYC; the Oculus, World Trade Center, NYC; Governor’s Island, NYC; Denver Museum of Art and a collaboration with the Pulitzer-Prize winning musician Kendrick Lamar. She has worked with brands as varied as Google Creative Labs, The North Face, and B&B Italia.

About HOEK:

HOEK brings joy into the home by creating innovative, quick-assembly furniture that gives you the power to transform your space in seconds. Everything is designed and built in Brooklyn, New York, with the best available materials and latest technologies. 

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