Photos: NYC Parks / Daniel Avila

NYC Parks Commissioner Sue Donoghue today joined Council Member Justin Brannan to tour the sites of three new park projects underway in South Brooklyn: Bath Beach Playground reconstruction, Shore Road Dog Run construction, and Shore Road Parkway path reconstruction. The three projects represent a total of $7.67 invested to reimagine South Brooklyn Parks and make them safer, more accessible, and greener. 

“Shore Parkway’s incredible views draw hundreds of locals and visitors to the South Brooklyn waterfront every year, and this spectacular area deserves high-quality parks that match its splendor,” said Commissioner Donoghue. “We’re proud to be improving the amenities along Shore Parkway to make them safer, more fun and more welcoming for all – even for dogs! – and we appreciate Council Member Brannan’s partnership to make this happen.”

“Since being elected, I’ve worked to secure and allocate over $50 million to our local parks and playgrounds – many of which haven’t seen any love in decades,” said Council Member Brannan. “These are real, tangible investments that will make a huge difference in our community’s quality of life for generations to come. There isn’t a park, playground, or court in town that won’t be fully renovated by the time I’m done! I truly appreciate the Parks Department for their partnership in getting things done.” 

Bath Beach Park Playground Reconstruction: $5.4M 

Under construction; expected completion in March 2023

This project aims to replace a portion of the park that is underused and in poor condition with a space that can be used by all age groups in the community. Parks will remove the existing dilapidated playground, multi-purpose asphalt field, bocce courts, pavements, and benches, replacing it with entirely new play equipment, spray showers, and fitness equipment for teens and adults. The project will also reconstruct the existing central pathway and upper seating plaza, and Parks will add new seating, lighting, drinking fountains, and plantings to provide shade and beautify the space. Surrounding pavements and site drainage will also be upgraded. 

This $5.4 million project was funded by Council Member Brannan. 

Shore Park and Parkway Dog Run Construction: $1.0M

Under construction; expected completion in July 2023

This site will be transformed from a vacant, asphalt paved lot into a new run for both large and small dogs. It will come complete with seating, storage, and an accessible walkway. Water access will be provided by a bottle filler as well as water hydrants. The dog run will consist of synthetic turf, as requested in the community input meeting, and open turf areas. Additionally, the project will transform the site from entirely impervious surfaces to a largely pervious area with greater capacity to manage stormwater. 

This $1 million project was fully funded by Council Member Brannan.

Shore Park and Parkway Path and Pavement Reconstruction: $1.27M

Under construction; expected completion in July 2023

The purpose of the project is to offer a paved connection along the west limit of the park, and to reconstruct aged pavement around the Field House. Parks will replace an asphalt path that is currently in such disrepair that some segments have fully disappeared. The existing lawn along the sides of the path will be reconstructed, existing trees will be pruned, and new trees will be added. Bleachers adjacent to the path will be replaced and upgraded, and the existing perimeter fence will be reconstructed. A catch basin will be relocated to provide better drainage at the site. 

This $1.27 million project was funded by the Mayor’s Office. 

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