The Oval, the 30-seat chef’s tasting counter located in La Devozione will be launch an a la carte lunch menu giving diners the opportunity to sample the intricately designed pasta dishes with premium ingredients that perfectly match Pastificio Di Martino’s world renowned dry pasta.

The Oval’s top signature pasta dishes:

  • La Devozione, the perfect serving of spaghetti al pomodoro that’s transcendence lies in the simplicity of the dish and, according to Gambero Rosso founder and critic Stefano Bonilli is the true test of a chef’s ability.
  • Pacchero Calabria, paccheri, a pasta shaped in a large tube that is cooked in water and fish broth and presented over bergamot sauce cut with orange juice. The pasta is topped with Smoked Swordfish, carpaccio, Calabrian chilli, fennel salad, fennel beard, fennel pollen and Maldon salt
  • Candele Barbecue, a traditional long tubular shaped pasta from Gragnano that resembles candles and is broken rather than cut, in a choice of pork belly and artichokes with Parmigiano Reggiano

The Oval was conceptualized by Giuseppe Di Martinothird generation Owner of Pastificio Di Martino to exemplify the best use of the Di Martino’s varied pasta shapes with imported and local seasonal ingredients.

Each plate of pasta is prepared a la minute and served 10-40 seconds after it is finished to ensure guests can enjoy the pasta at its peak texture and experience the full flavor profile of the dish.