Image courtesy of the artist

Abby’s art is inspired by the quote “Artists are here to disturb the peace.” – James Baldwin

Abby is reminded constantly of the world’s injustice and brutality towards women. It weighs upon her mind. This motivates her art.

She creates art to make people think about brutal truths about women tortured bodies.

Approximately 70 women commit suicide every day in the US following an act of sexual assault. Nearly 20,000 sexual assaults were reported in the US military last year.

Women with disabilities face twice the risk of sexual assault than able bodied individuals. Corrective rape perpetrated by straight men against lesbians in order correct or cure their homosexuality this is reported across the world.

Abbys latest artwork displayed the devastation of the reversal Roe vs Wade and her personal story about her gratefulness to have access to an abortion.

Afghan girls vanished from school and the world looked away. Afghan girls denied an education struggle with depression and anxiety.

Abby’s art activism is poignant, raw, and brutal honest.

You can see her artwork in online art exhibits.

Abby’s art is in The New York Times, in numerous publications, art exhibitions, and museums. Abby is a multi-award-winning artist.

Abby gives back to The Crib LGBTQ+ youth homeless shelter and directly on the streets.

Abby Moon (Zeciroski)