Dragon Hemp Apothecary, a wellness brand that combines CBD, premium Chinese herbs, and organic botanicals to improve performance, recovery, sleep & overall well-being. 

The brainchild of renowned sports medicine acupuncturist Kevin Menardthe modern apothecary-meets-Chinese herbal pharmacy offers organic full-spectrum hemp CBD extracts, premium Chinese Herbs and organic botanicals, in custom combinations designed to provide a variety of therapeutic benefits including enhanced performance, recovery, sleep improvement and overall wellness. 

The Dragon Hemp Apothecary has opened its doors on Main Street in Sag Harbor, New York, long considered the alternative medicine mecca on the East End. 

Full spectrum tinctures, capsules, and balms for pain are offered, with CBD gummies coming this fall. Developed by Menard, a beloved, local, go-to guru, the products were conceived through his clinical experience integrating CBD and Chinese Herbs in his practice, right in the village, his studies around the globe and his passion to help people lead healthier lives. Products are available both in the apothecary and online. 

Products are uniquely formulated for efficacy using ancient practices to meet today’s modern needs and harness the powers of hemp CBD combined with other Chinese Herbs and healing botanicals.These premium and effective plant medicine-based therapies are based in Chinese Herbal Medicine, and both cannabis/CBD and medicinal mushrooms, like Reishi, Turkey Tail, Lion’s Mane, are some of the highest regarded Chinese Herbs based on their effectiveness in treating a myriad of conditions.

REST Tincture: Native botanicals, Chinese Herbs, Full Spectrum Hemp CBD and CBN extracts known for their sedative properties, formulated to allow for better sleep. Botanicals such as Passionflower and lavender known for their calming effects; Schisandra Fruit known to treat insomnia. 

RELIEF Tincture + Capsules: Combinations of Chinese Herbs recognized to treat pain from trauma, injuries, muscle strains, inflammation including Corydalis (Yan Hu Sun), Turmeric (Jian Huang), Frankincense (Ru Xiang), and more.

ACTIVE Capsules: A proprietary blend of adaptogens and herbs known to help blood circulation to boost, focus, clarity, and energy. It is also designed to oxygenate the brain providing more clarity and focus – but without any of the edgy side effects you might get with regular caffeine. Cordyceps, American Ginseng and Green Tea boost brain function. 

The WARMING BALM: Designed for chronic pain and other conditions. Super concentrated Full Spectrum Hemp extract for persistent aching back, joints, knees and more. Anti-inflammatories such as Dragon Blood and Licorice Root for everyday use. 

The COOLING BALM: Designed for acute injuries and conditions, especially muscle strains, with super-concentrated Full Spectrum Hemp and Croydalis, Myrrh, and White Willow Bark to soothe sore muscles and joints.

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