Lavender + Vanilla Matcha Latte – Matcha, Lavender, a touch of vanilla, and milk of choice

Not only a unique candle cafe, ENLY by Enly Tammela, founded in New York City’s Nolita neighborhood, is also noteworthy in the fact that they are serving the finest and most unique Matcha in the city!

Food and Beverage Director, Caroline Guntert, created a drink program that stands up to the artistry and experience, but she has truly outdone herself with the variety of flavors and refreshing Matcha that is offered. ENLY prepares their Matcha, which is sourced from the Uji region in Japan, in a custom ceramic bowl, giving it a vegetal, bittersweet and absolutely superior taste.

On top of standard (non-flavored) Matcha, choose from outstanding flavors such as Strawberry and Lavender + Vanilla.

Standard Matcha Latte – Matcha and milk of choice
Strawberry Matcha Latte – Matcha, Strawberry jam, a touch of vanilla and milk of choice

Other specialty drinks to explore at ENLY include:

  • Beso Quemado: Handcrafted Burnt Sugar, Cold Brew and a kiss of milk
  • Lavender Fizz: Butterfly Lavender Syrup, Sparkling water, a touch of lemon juice and zest.
  • Hibiscus Iced Tea: Hibiscus Flowers and Stevia 

In addition, you won’t want to miss out on ENLY’s hand poured candles:

  • 227 Mott: The signature scent with notes of cedarwood and thyme infused with shredded palo santo
  • Rose: A rich blend of true rose, decked with rose petals 
  • Jasmine: This floral scent is rich of sweet, fruity and sensual notes of neroli, jasmine, white musk and vetiver
  • Oud Patchouli: This woody smell is rich in nuances, ranging from sweet to earthy, with notes of patchouli, oud, sandalwood and amber.