It’s time to celebrate Pride in the metaverse! Decentraland’s month-long celebration, Metaverse Pride, is already jam-packed with exciting events to look forward to and more community events still to be added. You’d better clear your calendar because Pride Month is going to be wild!

This year, the Festival Land district serves as the heart and main hub of Metaverse Pride and has been painted in rainbows for the occasionit’s definitely a sight to be seen! The festivities will consist of a 24/7 Pride parade full of outrageous floats and colorful dancers, a month-long schedule of curated expert panel talks, numerous parties, world-class entertainment, and immersive experiences to celebrate and amplify the voices of the LGBTQIA+ community.

To make staying on top of all of the events of Metaverse Pride easier, we’ve added a dedicated ‘Metaverse Pride 2022’ tab on the Events Page and a special ‘Pride Explorer’ feature for you to use in-world. Using these, you’ll be able to see all the official Metaverse Pride events for the whole month in one place.

Here’s an overview of some of the biggest attractions during Metaverse Pride
To see all Pride events, visit the Metaverse Pride 2022 tab on our events page.

Hop on a Metaverse Pride parade float, claim free Wearables, visit booths, and more!

When: Starting on Saturday, Jun 11 from 9:00 pm UTC until the end of June
Where: (-68,78)

Located at the main hub of the celebration’s festivities, the Metaverse Pride parade will begin on June 11 at 9pm UTC followed by amazing performances on the Rainbow Stage, which the parade circles. After its grand opening, the parade itself will run live, 24/7 until the end of June, so everyone will be able to come by and catch a ride on one (or all!) of the colorful and flamboyant floats, even if they can’t be in Decentraland for the parade’s grand opening.

Parade Highlights:

  • Pop Superstar Thalia will have her own flamboyant float during the parade and will be joined by other blockchain projects such as the Immersive Kind and Known Origin.
  • The fashion brand Original Penguin has created a physical pride collection to support the organization AllOut, and is bringing the collection’s digital twins to Decentraland as Wearables for the community to wear during Pride Month. 
  • HUG, Web3’s friendliest community of creators and collectors, is presenting a huggable Glitter Robot, that is a nod to its mission of leveling the playing field in Web3 and building the inclusiverse.
  • Web3 community, MyBFF, will present community-designed floats that will dazzle the senses as well as their own, colorful rainbow Zeppelin that will float through the parade. Started by 100+ leaders across industries, BFF is an open-access community with a mission to help women and non-binary people get educated, connected, and empowered in Web3.
  • Other Web3 communities like UnicornDAO and QueerCapita are featuring designs made to reflect the diversity of the digital design space.

Once you start getting dizzy from riding around on rainbow floats, take some time to discover what else the Metaverse Pride celebration area has to offer, such as on-stage performances and all the booths scattered throughout the Welcome Area and in between the stages.

The booths are run by a variety of partners and sponsors and many have Wearable dispensers that replenish everyday (so make sure you come back again with friends!). You’ll also find teleporters that will take you to other exciting experiences in Decentraland to continue celebrating.

Visit Mastercard’s Pride Plaza
When: Opening on Saturday, Jun 11 9:00 pm UTC
Where: (-20,-111)

Mastercard’s Pride Plaza will include candid conversations with LGBTQIA+ thought leaders, a showcase of unique NFT wearables from LGBTQIA+ artists, and the chance to engage and connect with other community members in a space where attendees are encouraged to be their truest self.

Throughout the month, the Plaza will host ongoing events and activities, including the opportunity to see letters to younger selves, take a true selfie on one of three unique Parade floats, one of which is based on a virtual rendering of Mastercard’s real life NYC Pride March float, and to travel in style via flight cannon.

Pass by Teleperformance’s booth
 Opening on Saturday, Jun 11 8am UTC
Where: (-69,80)

Starting on June 11, Teleperformance is celebrating Pride in Decentraland!

Join them at their booth as they celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community and take part in their Pride-themed Wearable giveaway. Additionally they’ve got open recruitment for some exciting positions and you can apply via the booth through Cloud Campus’ TP Shuttle!

Prepare yourself for performances & parties galore!

You can’t have a proper celebration without plenty of parties and exciting performances, and Metaverse Pride definitely does not disappoint in this area. The whole month will feature a wide range of events such as: 

  • Multi-award-winning international artist, Thalia, will headline the first weekend of Metaverse Pride with a performance of her most iconic songs on the Rainbow Stage. She will also have her own booth with a dispenser that will give out free, unique Thalia Wearables as well as a special Thalia emote!
  • Metapride Land Festival: A live, 2-day musical festival taking place in Brooklyn, as part of New York City Pride will be livestreamed into Decentraland on the Metapride Land Stage  and will feature performances from the likes of Galantis, Above & Beyond, Aquaria, Gottmik, Violet Chachki, SG Lewis, Spencer Brown, LP Giobbi, Ty Sunderland, and 20+ more artists and performers.
  • Puma Camillê, a queer black-indigenous Brazilian capoeira dancer, will perform their signature vogue-capoeira fusion dance. 
  • Non-binary tango musician and activist FIFI will debut a special performance during the Metaverse Pride Parade.  

Other surprise celebrity musical and entertainment experiences will be announced throughout Metaverse Pride, so be sure to keep your eye on the events page this month! 

Sit in on a Panel Discussion

In addition to fun celebratory activities, Metaverse Pride will also host a whole Pride Panel Series that will allow for learning and growth, discussion, and networking. The series will consist of panel discussions with media celebrities and queer icons hosted by curators at numerous locations throughout Decentraland, but most notably by David Cash of Cash Labs, Curator for the Decentraland Foundation. 

The following topics are planned:

  • Creating Safe Spaces in the Metaverse with Cash, Kadine James from Yahoo, Jessica Yatrofsky, Youtubers Dion Yorkie & Sebastian Argo, and friends.
  • Pride & Corporations with Cash, representatives from the Decentraland Foundation, SuperRare, Rarible, the Institute of Digital Fashion, and more.
  • Queer Brunch: Women, Fems, and NB Friends with Cash, Hawkward, Ania Catherine, Dejha Ti, Kadine James, Chanel from UnicornDAO, and friends.
  • Queer African Artists with Kenza Zouari, Mikael Owunna, Alexandra.eth, Glitch of Mind, and friends.
  • Queer BIPOC Brunch with Foodmasku, Yuyu, Edgar Fabián Frías, Izzy Alright AKA Faith Love, and many other leaders in the space.
  • Empowering Queer Voices (Financially) with Cash, Nadia Riot of Pussy Riot, members of UnicornDAO, and other special guests.

Discover more details about the panel talks on the Metaverse Pride event page:

Keep an eye on the Decentraland Events page to discover all the must-attend parties, shows, conferences, and more happening in our virtual world.

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