Caramel, Chantilly, Pain d’épices, Bonbon… The meticulous savoir-faire that connects cuisine to couture inspired Christian Dior to create haute couture models with delicious names, which delight the eyes with their delicate nuances and delectable contours, arousing the taste buds with the gustatory memories they conjure. In the name of this passion, La Pâtisserie punctuates the visit of 30 Montaigne with sweet delicacies.

Subtly reinterpreted by Jean Imbert, the most emblematic French cakes are served alongside original creations reinventing Dior symbols. A chef barista is on hand to enhance these gourmet moments, from the beauty of the gesture to the art of savoring. From breakfast to teatime, this unique place, a tribute to the art of enjoyment, excellence in craftsmanship and sharing, will satisfy the most refined yearnings.