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)) R.I.S.E. (( is a Brooklyn-based collective made up of healing artists: Boshko Boskovic, Gabriel Wade and Rebecca Nison. )) R.I.S.E. (( is an acronym for Reiki-Infused Sound Experiences. Produced and released by Muse Music, their debut album, WAVES OF POSSIBILITY blends ambient sound, chanting, psychedelia, spoken word, and multilayered instrumentation. The album welcomes listeners into a sound sanctuary of vibrational harmonics and dreamy hypno-poetic messages. WAVES OF POSSIBILITY is about creative courage, the archetypal and spiritual human experience, energetic connectedness, and the cosmic mystery within all of us. Presenting a never-before-heard combination of vocal toning, laughter, and intentional breath, the five tracks that comprise WAVES OF POSSIBILITY layer the unique instrumentation of steel tongue drum, shruti box, electric guitar, bass, tingsha, children’s toys, and notebook pages, amongst others.

Of their debut album, the collective shares: “The process of creating this album was healing in our own right as well as permitting to amplify our own expression. We met weekly in Gabriel’s music studio in Park Slope, where we recognized that the process of recording meant we would need to be vulnerable while using our voices. When sitting in front of the microphone we had the courage to ask each other for the energetic healing support that helped us cross the threshold into our capacity to perform, to be seen and heard.  The synergy of us three being there together became a powerful force that opened us to listening and feeling what was happening in our actual bodies.The practice of Reiki was integral to each recording session and we are grateful that we all met through Minka Brooklyn, a community-centered and spiritual-driven space for wellness and harmonious living”. 

Each track will be accompanied by a video showcasing different visual artists including Skylar Smith, Manon Harrois, and original footage directed by Better Life Consulting and Inspirit Hypnosis Arts. Today, they share a video for “Message from the Moon.” 


Flickering Chorus

Message from the Moon

Beam Me Up

The Sky is in the Ground, The Ground is in the Sky

This is Your Voice Speaking

)) R.I.S.E. (( will host a private listening party on Saturday, June 11 at 8pm at Grand Street Healing Project, 105 Grand St in Williamsburg. The evening of well-being will integrate a sonic experience with a group reiki treatment. To attend please RSVP here. Capacity is limited.

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About )) R.I.S.E. (( 

Boshko Boskovic (he/him) is a Brooklyn-based Reiki & sound practitioner trained & in the Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage and Sound Healing from the Sound Healing Center in Sausalito, California. He is the founder of Let’s Heal NYC, a private practice specializing in Reiki treatments and practitioner at Minka Brooklyn. He holds Reiki, guided meditation and sound bath workshops at different venues & teaches classes at various senior centers across New York City. He worked with institutions such as Weinberg Center for Balanced Living, Jewish Community Center and Brooklyn Hospital.

Gabriel Wade, MD (he/him) is a trained physician but natural healer and goes by Gabriel as an artist. All he ever wanted to do growing up was become a doctor so he could help people. During that path he learned that there are many ways to help people heal, and it goes way beyond the physical. He then started a lifelong journey of spiritual development which led him to metaphysics and energy healing, which he does through the vibrations of his music, for himself and others. He loves to spend time with his children, make music, and learn about new things; while exploring the deep truths of the inner self, the universe.

Rebecca Nison (she/they) is a consent-focused hypnotherapist, author, poet, reiki practitioner, ceremonial and healing guide, teacher, creativity mentor, and visual and sound artist who lives on the unceded land of the Lenape people. Beck combines her many practices, passions, experiences, and modalities to guide brave, loving experiences that help folx access the medicine of their imagination and live in alignment with their indwelling wisdom and unique creative twinkle. She’s the founder of Inspirit Hypnosis Arts; a practitioner and facilitator at Minka Brooklyn; associate professor at Parsons School of Design; and current writer-in-residence with O, Miami, where she facilitates creative writing workshops for cancer survivors, patients, and caregivers. She loves trees, the moon, and her rescue supermutt, Audrey.

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