Photo: NYC Parks

Parks and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have been partners on this project since its inception, and this year is no different. The critical resiliency work being done in the Rockaways will protect the local residents in the surrounding community from the increasing impacts of the severe storms we experience in New York City; it will slow down erosion caused by climate change, and ultimately expand beach access for decades to come.

The Summer 2022 operational plan that we collaborated on allows us to keep as much of the beach safely open as is possible, with only six blocks closed to sand access and swimming as construction moves forward.

The impact of the work that the Army Corps has already done in the Beach 30’s is a prime example of how successful these groins are in keeping the sand in place. It has allowed us to bring swimming back to an area that has not been open in years.

We look forward to millions of New Yorkers flocking to these beaches this summer to enjoy the sun, sand and the great food that Rockaway has to offer.

This project consists of a reinforced dune system designed to block storm surge and new and extended tapered groins.

These stone groins are jetty-like structures extending out into the ocean intended to trap sand and reduce beach erosion and help maintain a critical natural buffer between the Atlantic Ocean and local communities.

The full details of this summer’s Rockaway beach operations plan can be found on Parks’ dedicated webpage.