Photo: Savona Bailey-McClain

The West Harlem Art Fund and Studio 80 + Sculpture Grounds, located in Old Lyme, Connecticut, presents 16 artists this spring on Governors Island in Nolan Park. Through the exhibition Life Turned Inside Out, current events are viewed with an emotional lens.
This exhibition shows works that offer hope for those facing today’s challenges in contrast to controlling life and bending circumstances to our will. What are the important issues facing humans today — home, environment, climate, mental health, family, heritage, community, war, and finding joy. How do we build roots and appreciate the colors, shapes, and people around us?

For this show, the setting is just as critical as the art. America has become increasingly concerned about relevancy. Building #10 (NP/10) is an instrumental component of Governors Island’s historic district, and it defines the eastern edge of Nolan Park. As such, its preservation is crucial for preserving the character of the historic district. Nolan Park, or “The Green” as it was called in 19th century documents, is a grassy, lawned enclosure with tree-shaded walks where Native Americans used to live before the Dutch arrived.
Life Turned Inside Out will be on view through June 26, 2022. Public hours are 12 pm to 4 pm on the weekends. Private viewings during the week are by appointment.
A concurrent exhibit with garden, In Defense of the Human Spirit, will feature Domenico Belli, Gilbert Boro, and Joe Gitterman, whose outdoor sculptures will be on display through October 31, 2022.

Gilbert Boro — sculpture Melita Cekani — painting Chandler Davis — sculpture
Joe Gitterman — sculpture
Bryan Gorneau — painting
Linda Griggs — painting
Valerie Hallier — painting & installation Allen Hansen — painting
Elizabeth Knowles — sculpture Conrad Levenson — sculpture Elaine Lorenz — sculpture
Elizabeth Miller McCure — sculpture Dario Mohr — painting
R. Douglass Rice — sculpture Margaret Roleke — sculpture
Dianne Smith — painting & installation

West Harlem Art Fund (WHAF) is a twenty-four-year-old, public art and new media organization. Like explorers from the past, who searched for new lands and people, WHAF seek opportunities for artists and creative professionals throughout NYC and beyond wishing to showcase and share their talent. The West Harlem Art Fund presents art and culture in open and public spaces to add aesthetic interest; promote historical and cultural heritage; and support community involvement in local development. Our heritage symbol Afuntummireku-denkyemmtreku: is the double crocodile from West Africa Ghana which means unity in diversity.

Studio 80 + Sculpture Grounds is a vibrant community environment dedicated to arts education and appreciation on the Connecticut shoreline. Their mission is to create a bond between art, nature & community by inspiring and promoting participation in the arts.

Situated adjacent to the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts in the historic town of Old Lyme, CT, the 5-acre outdoor park features over 100 sculptures woven throughout different gardens and courtyards. This en plein air art experience allows visitors to enjoy incredible large-scale contemporary sculpture by sculptor Gilbert Boro, as well as many invited contributing artists. Visitors are encouraged to explore the Grounds and interact with the works, perhaps turning kinetic elements or wandering through open pieces.

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