Grenade Family by David Ruggeri

Beginning April 29 and running through May 8, Van Der Plas Gallery will present At a Crossroads: All Art+, showcasing works from artists who shed light on world circumstances and the relationship between visual creation and junction, including St. Louis-based graffiti artist, David Ruggeri. The exhibition calls upon the question, “How do the stressful implications of crossroads translate into visual art?”

Ruggeri, who has been recognized and exhibited in Miami, St. Louis, Kansas City, Jackson Hole, and Toronto, will present his paintings “Grenade Family” and “Camo Shark.”

The inspiration from “Grenade Family” came from the fragility of family and the idea that so many things can negatively impact a family – racism, crime, violence – upending this delicate balance. This can be seen now with the situation in the Ukraine. Families torn apart, homes destroyed, people displaced, and the senseless death and suffering that people are experiencing.

Highlighting the constant threat and destruction of the ocean’s fragile ecosystem, “Camo Shark” serves as a chilling reminder. Sharks are a vital part of maintaining balance within the oceans, and around 1/3 of the world’s species are in danger of becoming extinct due to overfishing and the rising demand for shark fins. This piece aims to start a larger discussion surrounding how we can preserve our resources for generations to come.

At a Crossroads: All Art+

Exhibition Dates: April 29th – May 8th, 2022  |  Opening Reception: April 29th, 6 PM – 8 PM

Given the global context of war, sickness, poverty, and grief, we see ourselves at a pivotal moment in time. Struggling to grapple with harsh realities, we often find ourselves at a crossroads. The uncertainty of life poses the question: How do the stressful implications of crossroads translate into visual art? How does the artist interpret world issues and interpersonal crossroads? What does this reveal about the identity of an artist? These questions are crucial to our understanding of art as a means for challenging stagnancy. 

Van Der Plas Gallery’s upcoming All Art+ Group Exhibition, “At a Crossroads,” invites artists to shed light not only on world circumstances but the relationship between visual creation and junction.

Camo Shark by David Ruggeri

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