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We have been closely following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and taking steps to protect and support our community.

To help people in Ukraine and show your support, you can:

  1. Donate to a fundraiser on Facebook and share the fundraiser with friends and family on your timeline.
  2. Start a fundraiser for a nonprofit supporting efforts in Ukraine on your Instagram Feed or add a donation sticker to your Instagram story.
  3. Join a volunteer group on Facebook dedicated to supporting humanitarian efforts.
  4. Update your Facebook profile frame with the Ukrainian flag to show your support.

People around the world have united to raise money and provide medical supplies, accommodations, legal advice and more to Ukrainian refugees. We’re sharing some of these stories as examples of how you can make a difference.


Ukrainian Students 

A group of Ukrainian students and allies at Stanford University created a fundraiser to support Nova Ukraine, a nonprofit dedicated to providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine. In 10 days, they raised $115,000 from more than 900 people. After Navy veteran Josh P. shared his plans to travel to Ukraine with two backpacks filled with medical supplies, the students secured use of a transport plane and launched this fundraiser to send medical supplies to Ukraine.

You can donate to this fundraiser on Facebook until March 21.

Sunflower of Peace

Katya M., a Ukrainian woman living in Boston, founded nonprofit Sunflower of Peace in 2014 to provide backpacks with first aid equipment to frontline medical workers in Ukraine. Her recent fundraiser has raised more than $1.2 million from over 18,000 donors. On March 2, Sunflower of Peace delivered a shipment of medical supplies, and when the shipment was delayed at the border, the group turned to Facebook for leads to help get the supplies into Ukraine.

You can donate to Katya’s fundraiser on Facebook until April 1.


Providing Shelter and Assistance in Bulgaria

Dessi T. in Bulgaria started a Facebook group to help Ukrainian refugees find shelter and assistance. Within minutes of receiving a request, Dessi found a hotel room for a Ukrainian refugee family provided by Bulgarian hotel owners. Group members are also sharing valuable information for Ukrainians, including what documentation is needed at various country borders and help with transportation — one group member arranged a tour bus for 70 Ukrainians seeking refuge to take them from Warsaw to the Netherlands.

Providing Pro-Bono Legal Advice in Poland

In Poland, a group of women started a Facebook group that now has over 19,000 members and provides pro-bono legal advice to Ukrainian refugees. The group helps people make family reunion claims from Poland and around the world by sourcing legal partners in destination countries, such as the UK and Canada, to support applications from that side. They also help people open bank accounts in Poland and register with the Polish authorities.