Dedicated Capsule Collection is part of Gucci’s five-year commitment to UN Women’s Generation Equality Action Coalitions, supporting diverse feminist movements around the world

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Gucci has released a special capsule collection under the banner of CHIME FOR CHANGE, Gucci’s longstanding global campaign to convene, unite and strengthen the voices advocating for gender equality. Comprised of a t-shirt and baseball cap, the capsule collection is centered around the theme of “Generation Equality,” reinforcing the urgency for accelerated progress toward a gender-equal future.

In connection with the launch of the limited release capsule collection, Gucci was pleased to announce it the direct support to diverse feminist organizations, movements and activists led by Indigenous women and girls, young feminists, Disabled women, girls, and gender minorities, transgender and gender non conforming women, and other groups who have been historically marginalized, including though partnerships with: Women Enabled International, Global Fund for Women, Young Feminist Europe, OutRightAction International, Asamblea Nacional Política de Mujeres Indígenas and Enlace Continental de Mujeres Indígenas. These new grants advance Gucci’s five-year commitment to UN Women’s Generation Equality Action Coalitions to apply intersectional approaches; support community-led and trust-based giving focusing on the next generation of activists; and provide direct, flexible funding to feminist movements and leaders around the world.*

“As Gucci begins its second century, our commitment to a world that is more equal and inclusive is growing even stronger,” said Marco Bizzarri, President and CEO of Gucci. “We at Gucci proudly embrace the values and the action plans brought forward by “Generation Equality” to accelerate progress for gender equality. With our campaign CHIME FOR CHANGE we stand together to support the next generation fighting for freedom, equality and respect.”

The Generation Equality capsule collection is available now in select Gucci stores in Brazil, China, France, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States, as well as on in China, Europe, Korea, Japan and the United States. The collection was developed in collaboration with Italian artist MP5, who has previously collaborated with Gucci and acts as the art director of CHIME Zine, Gucci’s serial publication to amplify the global community of voices speaking out for gender equality.

To increase meaningful dialogue centering feminist-and youth-led movements, Gucci also launched a special Gucci Podcast series on topics of gender equality. The podcast series will address inclusive gender justice, youth activism, the intersection of art and activism, and more. The first episode of the gender equality series, moderated by Sinéad Burke, founder of Tilting the Lens and member of Gucci’s Global Equity Board, is available here and the transcript for each episode lives on

To celebrate International Women’s Day in Japan, Gucci will additionally present a series of special lightings of the Tokyo Tower beginning on 18th and 25th March. As part of the Tokyo Tower lighting program, a custom augmented reality (AR) filter will be available locally for the community to share messages in support of gender equality and to learn more about CHIME FOR CHANGE. On 18th March, Gucci will convene speakers and special guests for a virtual forum in Tokyo, dedicated to open, diverse dialogue on realizing a gender-equal future.

The release of the dedicated capsule collection is part of a series of policy, programmatic, advocacy and financial commitments Gucci made in 2021 as the private sector leader of the Generation Equality Action Coalition on Feminist Movements and Leadership. The Action Coalitions were formed to catalyze multi sector collective action toward gender equality and deliver concrete results for girls and women in all their diversity. Gucci responded to the call for bold initiatives with commitments from the brand including:

• Direct, core, flexible, multi-year funding to feminist organizations, groups, movements and activists that upholds feminist funding principles and includes support for mutual aid projects and girl-led projects, and includes those that are often hard to reach, and/or who have been historically marginalized and criminalized, such as trans and nonbinary people, Indigenous women and girls, and Disabled women and girls
• A worldwide public awareness campaign calling for the global community to #ActForEqual, which has in its first year generated more than €3.1million in pro-bono media placements across Australia, France, India, Italy, Germany, Singapore, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States
• A dedicated edition of the CHIME Zine to amplify the voices of young feminists who are part of the Generation Equality Youth Task Force, released in July 2021 and available digitally here
• Ongoing collaboration with young feminists to provide a platform for visibility and dialogue through Gucci’s digital channels
• Achieving gender pay parity for equivalent positions within the organization globally by 2025
• And adopting, expanding and implementing practices internally to continue to advance a gender equitable workplace for all

In the past week alone, 1 million refugees from Ukraine, many of whom are women and children, have been forced to leave their homes, and UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, estimates that if current rates continue, this situation could become Europe’s largest refugee crisis of this century. In response to this growing humanitarian crisis, CHIME FOR CHANGE donated US $500,000 to UNHCR, which has provided emergency support in Ukraine since 2014 to refugees fleeing violence.

CHIME FOR CHANGE is a global campaign founded by Gucci in 2013 to convene, unite and strengthen the voices speaking out for gender equality. To date, the campaign has raised more than $19 million to support projects and advocacy in 89 countries, through the funding of 457 projects with 179 nonprofit partners. CHIME FOR CHANGE aims to inspire participation in a collective community, bringing people together across borders and generations in the fight for equality.

About Gucci Equilibrium
Gucci Equilibrium is our commitment to generate positive change for people and our planet. Powered by creativity and collaboration, we are reducing our environmental impact and protecting nature, while also prioritizing inclusivity and respect, so that everyone in our global #GucciCommunity is free to express their authentic, diverse selves. Building on momentum from our 100th anniversary, we are moving forward into the coming decades with an ongoing commitment to reinforce our culture of purpose, demonstrating our values through innovative pathways towards social and environmental sustainability. Gucci Equilibrium unifies the principles we uphold and the actions we pursue to treat our world and each other better, for our collective future.

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