/PRNewswire/Maybelline New York, the world’s leading cosmetics brand, introduces its sustainability program, Conscious Together, which aims to create a more responsible business model for the brand by transforming its processes, innovations, and mindset to reduce its impact on the planet.

The Conscious Together program consists of an ambitious set of goals that Maybelline aims to achieve by 2030. 

  1. Conscious Packaging: All Maybelline plastic packaging will be made from 100% recycled plastic.
  2. Conscious Disposal: Maybelline will invest to help develop makeup recycling technologies, in partnership with global sustainability consultancy South Pole.
  3. Conscious Production: By 2025, we will achieve carbon neutrality in all our sites by improving energy efficiency and using 100% renewable energy. By 2030, we will reduce carbon emissions from our full product lifecycle by 50%*
  4. Conscious Formula: 95% of ingredients will be bio-based, derived from abundant minerals or circular processes.

“All of us at Maybelline want to make progress and inspire the industry to make progress,” said Trisha Ayyagari, Global Brand President, Maybelline New York. “We looked at the key areas where Maybelline could make a positive environmental impact and set ambitious goals that will guide our actions until 2030. We recognize that there is still so much to do, and we are committed to concrete actions that will help us accelerate our sustainable transformation.”

The brand has already taken some key actions toward achieving its goals:

  • On packaging, Maybelline has replaced 600 tons of virgin plastic with recycled plastic since 2018.
  • On disposal, the brand introduced in-store makeup take-back programs in several countries, in order to help prevent makeup ending up in landfills. Through these programs, consumers can bring back any product from any brand to be recycled, making it possible for packaging to find a new life after their first use.
  • On production, 73% of Maybelline-owned production facilities are already carbon neutral*.
  • On formulas, the brand has announced the launch of its first high-performing makeup line committed to a better world, the Maybelline Green Edition range. Each product in the Green Edition make-up line contains a minimum of 70% natural-origin ingredients**, as well as formulas that are clean*** and vegan****.
    • Green Edition is the first makeup range to be certified by Cradle to Cradle*****® Certified Products Program, one of the world’s most advanced measures of product sustainability. Cradle to Cradle Certified® assesses products for environmental and social performance including all aspects of product design and manufacturing.

*We have achieved carbon neutrality for scopes 1 and 2 emissions inclusive of 8 manufacturing facilities, representing 79% of Maybelline’s overall production, and 58% of total production in 2020.

**Maybelline considers an ingredient to be of natural origin if it is unchanged from its natural state or has undergone processing yet still retains greater than 50% of its molecular structure from the original natural source. 

***Clean formula means that we choose to formulate this product without certain ingredients such as parabens and mineral oil, and other ingredients that are included on a list that some consumers are seeking to avoid. Check our website at to discover more.

****Formulas that are vegan, meaning they have no animal-derived ingredients.

*****Cradle to Cradle is one of the world’s most advanced measures of product sustainability. Cradle to Cradle Certified® assesses products for environmental and social performance (including all aspects of product design and manufacturing) across five categories.

  • Material Health
  • Product Circularity
  • Clean Air & Climate Protection
  • Water & Soil Stewardship
  • Social Fairness