L.A.-based singer and songwriter Shiloh Eyes has released her first single and music video, “Me Time,” now available on all streaming platforms. Produced by Shiloh Eyes herself, “Me Time” is a deeply personal story of recovery fueled by heartbreak and the emotional trauma of betrayal in marriage, a story of Shiloh Eyes’ journey to strength and resilience.

Shiloh Eyes, the artistic persona of Christine Schatz, is a songwriter, producer, and former DJ. Following the upheaval of her life, the self-trained musician used trauma as a catalyst for her songwriting, creating the moody, hypnotic “Me Time” to express melancholy, release, and overall healing.

A multi-media creative, Shiloh Eyes wrote, co-directed, and produced the “Me Time” music video.  The video is a filmic journey through the California desert, capturing Shiloh Eyes’ story of self-restoration.

Relocating from a rust belt town in Pennsylvania back to Los Angeles in the wake of her broken marriage, Shiloh Eyes used her time to restore and express her heartbreak through music. Stuck in a cycle of torment and distress, she realized it was up to her to save herself. 

“I packed a suitcase and left, not really knowing where I’d end up. I knew I had to get out of that house, out of that town,” states Shiloh Eyes. “When I came back to California, my stomach pains went away, and my appetite came back. Music saved my life. It’s always been a refuge for me.”

Learn more about her journey at www.shiloheyes.com.   

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About Shiloh Eyes:

Shiloh Eyes is the project of Christine Schatz, a Los Angeles-raised artist, songwriter, and producer who places transformation and vulnerability at the center of her work. Her obsession with music started at a very young age, collecting records from multiple genres, from jazz and punk to hip hop and R&B. After college, she created a name for herself in the music blog space with “The Loop.” Self-taught, she eventually became one of Southern California’s go-to DJs.

Emerging from a dark place following divorce, Shiloh Eyes used her trauma as a catalyst for songwriting. Her music blends tragic romance, melancholy, and a sense of healing and release.

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